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Items from The Lovely Place

Hi guys! Today I have a non-nail related post (there is a mani though hehe). I've reviewed yoga style hair ties in the past and was contacted by Cara of The Lovely Place to review a few of the items from her shop on my blog. Yoga hair ties are my favorite hair accessory, so I couldn't say no! Haha. After the jump I have a quick review of all the items in the picture above AND a little giveaway for you :]

Patterned hair ties
Solid hair ties
How I use yoga-style hair ties, messy buns FTW!

In a few past posts (exhibit A, exhibit B), I have mentioned how crucial yoga style hair ties are to my life. (There are probably a million names for these haha I usually call them "yoga hair ties" or "yoga style hair ties".) My main use for these are to use overnight. I often sleep with wet hair to air dry it, I also add curling product to it. These style of hair ties are great for this because they don't cause creases!

I was sent a nice assortment of hair ties Cara has made.  I received a mix of prints and colors. I tested most of the hair ties out throughout the last month. As insane as that may/may not sound, for me I can't tell if a yoga tie is "good to go" unless I use it a few times. Why? Because I have a few factors that are important to me with these ties: Stretch, durability, how many times I have to put my hair up/day and how they work with wet and dry hair. Just call me a hair tie scientist lmfao. If you hair is as long as mine is, past the center of my back, or longer - you understand!

Testing stretchiness of the yoga hair ties

As you can see above I tested how well they stretched. This is important to me because it determines if it is going to stay in my hair longer than an hour(ish) or not lol. As you can see there are different lengths they stretch at; this isn't uncommon for "indie" brand hair ties. (The ties above unstretched are all about the same length). I've noticed from brand-to-brand the ones that are most decorative don't seem to stretch as much as the plain ones.

Surprisingly - when it came to stretch the galaxy ones worked the best for me! Some of the solid colors worked great for me too. But, as you can see in the picture above, not all the solid's stretchiness were consistent. The top 2 in the picture (aqua and galaxy) and a few others worked the best for me when it came to holding my hair. These were easier to secure, about 3x around my hurr.

The other 4, for example, only went around my hair 2x and didn't stay as well for me. I think they would work better for people with thicker hair.

In the end, none of them caused any creases :] As I stated before, indie yoga hair ties are always a hit or miss for me. I'm kind of shocked one of the patterned ones worked the best for me! I have so many cute printed ones but I never use them because I hate redoing my hair (who doesn't lol). I'm glad I found a few of these that worked out for my hair! :]

Yoga hair tie style headbands
Yoga hair tie style headband... on my head hahahha

I was WAY stoked to receive some yoga tie style headbands! If you recall from my Influenster Violet Vox Box post, I don't have much luck with headbands lol. I can't ever get them to stay in my hair without 10 million bobby pins. I have always had naturally shiny and super slick hair, which sucks when you just want to throw on a headband and GO.

Sadly, I had the same issue with these. I was expecting it to happen, but I was still sad my hair couldn't stop being a jerk and just deal with it haha. They were probably the most comfortable headbands - that have stayed on my head for 5 minutes - ever. If you can wear 'em, I recommend giving these a shot :]

Geometric Wood Boho Necklace
Geometric Wood Boho Necklace

I wasn't expecting a necklace! When I opened it I went "OHHHHHHH!" haha The colors were just so pretty! These geometric shapes are painted, accent beads are added, and strung on a cotton waxed cord. She sells these in a bunch of different colors! I really like the chunky yet simple look of these necklaces.

I really enjoyed the colors of the necklace, sooooooo I decided 5 beads and 5 nails/hand? MANI TIMEEEE!
Geometric Wood Boho Necklace matching mani
Geometric Wood Boho Necklace corresponding polish colors

Here are the corresponding colors I used: China Glaze Secret Peri-Wink-Le, Sinful Colors Be Happy, Sinful Colors Endless Blue, China Glaze Shower Together and Zoya Rocky. For the accent dots I used Square Hue Amber Lager! I should of used something other than Zoya Rocky, oops haha.

ITEM INFORMATIONBrand: The Lovely Place
Price: Hair Ties $3+, Headbands $2.50+, Necklaces $6+
Where to Find: Etsy

Cara has so nicely donated a $30 shopping spree to her shop for me to giveaway and you to WIN!

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This giveaway is open 2/25-3/08/2014 and is open internationally! For full details of the rules, please click here.

Good luck!
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