Friday, February 14, 2014

MOON SUGAR: Valentine's Day & Star Decals

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Moon Sugar Valentine's Day Decals (Star decals not pictured! OOPS)

Happy Valentine's Day! Not my favorite holiday haha but I was sent a few Valentine's Day decals so I figured I'd put them to use :P I was sent a various bundle of flowers, Valentine's related, and star decals! I forgot to include the stars in the picture when I took it, OOPS! Check out my manis after the jump :]

If you're unfamiliar with Moon Sugar Decals, you can check out my first review/tutorial here!

Moon Sugar Valentine's Day decals
Moon Sugar Valentine's Day decals

Valentine's Day mani: Moon Sugar Valentine's Day decals, China Glaze Ruby Pumps and  Glistening snow. I had another rose decal on my ring finger but I killed it when I top coated D: Oh well, Cupid was a good replacement :P

Moon Sugar star decals
Moon Sugar star decals

I used all the star decals they provided me and randomly placed them on my nails. I used Candeo Colors Jellybean as the base, I thought it was a good mix of colors to pair with the decals.

I'm becoming better at applying these decals. The first time around I wasn't too big of a fan because I would get little folds sticking up. I've learned that while the top coat is still wet, I can take the top coat brush and smooth down the parts sticking up for a flawless look. Live and learn right?!

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