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[CLOSED] YOU POLISH: Nail Vinyl Decal and Stencil Review & Giveaway

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Sorry for the crappy intro picture lmao, but you get the point! You Polish has released a ton of unique nail decals, stickers, and stencils made of vinyl. She sent me a bunch of random ones from her shop to review, share, and giveaway to you. Check out what I did with these puppies after the jump!

You Polish Stencil with Zoya Josie and Trixie
You Polish Stencil

This was the first decal of the bunch I tried, a stencil. I've never tried any type of nail stencil so I was interested to see how it would work! What I learned, is you better make sure your polish is 100% dry before using these or your polish will be picked up with the vinyl stencil. It's best to paint your nails and come back later. They were easy to use and were a great alternative to stamping.

You Polish Star and Dolphin Nail Decals over a blue gradient
Next, I tried to the star and dolphin decals over a blue sponged gradient. I like how there were choices between the sizes and type of stars you could apply. I decided to have a little fun and mix the stars with the dolphin decals :P After sealed with top coat, these decals looked nice on the nail.

You Polish Rabbit Decals over a Zoya dotticure

I feel kinda stupid haha I was like "nooo I'm not going to to an Easter mani" (I'm not a big holiday person) and then I regretted not doing one to share, when I had one in my phone ready to go the entire time! DOH! Better late than... never? Just pretend it's still Easter, thanks. I used a bunch of Zoya colors with my dotting tool to create a springy type mani. I then added bunny rabbit decals on top of it! Does it look like a rabbit is jumping across my nail? I tried hahahahhaha.

You Polish Chevron Stencils over Zoya Song
You Polish Chevron Stencils

These are the most popular type of decal/stencil, no denying that! If you are on Instagram and you look up nail art, I'm sure you've seen these. What I like about these is that they can be used two ways: You can cut them to fit your nail, apply and seal with top coat OR use them as a stencil. I chose the stencil method. As you can see it's quite easy. Just wait until the base color is dry, apply, wait a little bit, peel off and top coat! I still need practice, forsure.

You Polish Zebra Stencil over La Couleur Couture 1999
You Polish Zebra Stencil

And now you see the stencils in action! These are much like the first stencils, the one over Zoya Josie, but there's a border to keep the lines in check. I think this was my favorite vinyl creation Lauren sent to me. it was easy to use and came out great without the hard decision of where the hell to put zebra stripes! Anyone else have that issue? Just me? Alright.

You Polish Single Chevron Decal with Pure Ice Stunning and Zoya Storm

I was really pleased how this turned out. I used the larger, single chevron decal and used it as a stencil with Zoya Storm over Pure Ice Stunning! :]

You Polish Small Chevrons and Penguin Decals over Zoya Jo

I wasn't quite sure what to do with penguin decals hahaha I know a penguin lover friend of mine who would love these! They would be super cute for winter :] I paired them with the small chevron decals, which I used as a decal instead of a stencil. I think my nails are confused LOL they look like Easter eggs. Leave it to me *facepalm* I should of added one more row :P

You Polish French Manicure Decal with
Barielle Designer Shoes and First Class Ticket

So I tried using these French mani decals as a stick on and top coat French mani. I think I need practice because I couldn't get them to stay flat on my nail. I opted for a 2 tone French mani, with Barielle Designer Shoes and First Class Ticket,  using the decals as stencils. I've never done a colored French mani and I'm super happy with the results :D

You Polish Large Chevron French Mani using Square Hue
Westminster and Arc de Triomphe

This is another way you can use the large chevron decals. I wasn't quite sure what to do with them and this is what Lauren suggested, so I gave it a shot using Square Hue Westminster and Arc de Triomphe. A quick way to get some triangles without all that Scotch tape! I kind of wish they were wider though, but it adds a nice effect.

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Price: $5.50/sheet
Where to Find: Website

So what do you think about these new decals and stencils offered by You Polish? She has a huge variety of unique shapes and finishes. I have some more to share with you, but I don't want to decal overload you lmao :P Want to try them? GREAT! Because I have a giveaway for ya! Good luck :D

The Lace & Lacquers' Get Your Decal On Giveaway is open Apr. 22nd until
May 4th 2014 11:59 PM EST and is open internationally. Click here for full rules and details.

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See ya tomorrow!
These items were sent for review/giveaway. My opinions of the brand are my own and are not influenced in any way. Please read the disclaimer tab for more information about my reviews.


  1. Cute! I love how easy vinyls are to use.

  2. I would love to see some summer vinyls. Umbrellas, waves, beach balls etc.

  3. I'm not really into the shapes...i like the chevron and stuff like that. Maybe a bolt?

  4. Some different boat shape decals would be cool

  5. I don't even know... she already has so many awesome shapes available. Maybe unicorns?

  6. Diamonds, makeup-related decals, rainbows

  7. I love the idea of using the vinyls as stencils - so definitely more full nail stencils for those of us who are stamping-challenged. :)

  8. The ones I want are already made - SKULLS! :)))
    But I would love some hard rock/metal themed ones :))

  9. Hi! I would like to see florals and hearts. Cute! Thank-you!!

  10. Diamonds (The gem not the shape) :D

  11. Breast Cancer Awareness ribbons - thank you for this giveaway!

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  13. I'm a crazy cat lady, so I would like to see cat decals, lol.

  14. Any animal would be awesome! Cats would be my first choice!

  15. I'd love to see quatrefoil and arabesque shapes!

  16. I'm not really into the shapes

  17. I would do cartwheels for a firefighter shield!!!

  18. I'm in love with the penguins! But others... kittens, dots, dragons, TARDIS, UFOs and other sci-fi stuff

  19. Honestly I love everything they have and got it covered already! Love the zebra!!

  20. The Bat symbol, Superman insignia, small and medium hearts/stars, cursive letters, roses/flowers, turtles, Mickey Mouse, skulls, wolf profile, bear paw, cat paw, dinosaurs.

  21. I'd love more designs like the chevrons, guides for making simple pattern nail art like wavy lines and swirls and such. Thanks for hosting this!

  22. billiards :) I'm on a pool team, and that would be cool.

  23. kittens, hearts, unicorns, and different patterns.

  24. Those vinyls look divine! She has soo much variety! I really love the anchors and palm trees.

  25. Love these decals!! I'd like to have some retro patterns

  26. I would like to see decals of music artists like Bruno Mars etc. I'm an 80's freak... So I would love to see decals dedicated to that as well. Thanks :)

  27. Thanks for this review, I really appreciate seeing the You Polish nail decals and stencils in action!


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