Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Lace & Lacquers' Manicure Favorites

Pin It I thought I was the queen of planning blog posts after successfully planning posts for 2 trips! But stupid me ran out of posts and swatches for this week. WOMP WOMP WOMP! Good thing I have a back up. So without further adieu...

I've received a few messages, comments, posts asking what my favorite products are. You might have the same question, but you might not of seen the posts! So, I decided to do a quick lil' write up.

Favorite Top Coat: Seche Vite Fast Drying Top Coat by Seche (No I don't experience shrinkage. I keep my bottle full with Seche, add thinner to it frequently and seal my tips. VoilĂ ! No shrinkage.)
(Runner Up: Out The Door Fast Drying Top Coat By INM)

Favorite Base Coat: Stuck Up Base Coat by You Polish (I have a review, here!)

Favorite Nail File: Purifiles Disinfectable Files #2109 Green Core 100/180 grit by Flowery (I buy mine at Sally's Beauty Supply - they don't have them on their website :( I probably own like 15 LOL)
Favorite Nail Strengthener: Rejuvacote by Duri Cosmetics

Favorite Cuticle Balm  Cuticle Butter (any scent) by Fortune Cookie Soap Company
(Runner Up: Sunny's Miracle Balm (any scent) by 365 Days of Color)
"Honey Dew Me" Cuticle ButterSunny's miracle balm

Favorite Hand Lotion: Skin So Soft Firm & Restore Age-Defying Corrective Hand Treatment by Avon (When I need something thicker: Stassels' Moisturizing Beeswax Salve by Julie Siemek - I've been using this forever!!)


Favorite Polish Remover: Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover by Zoya (I use pure acetone for clean up.)
Zoya Remove in Big Flipper polish remover nail polish remover  ZTBF02    professional nail care treatments  beauty supplies

Favorite Clean Up Brush: Concealer Brush by E.L.F.
Concealer Brush

Favorite Nail Stamper: Squishy Double Ended Stamper - I got mine off eBay for less than $3 from overseas. Any of the stampers that look similar to Winstonia's version is the same! (I use an old credit/gift card as a scraper).

Favorite Nail Stamping Plates: Cheeky and Bundle Monster branded plates. (I prefer them over the original Konad plates.)

Hope this helps some of you find new products! :] Did I miss anything? Just ask/let me know and I'll add it to the list.



  1. do you have issues with bubbling with the base coat and top coat?? that's my biggest problem, and peeling! every day i do my nails, this happens! grrrr...thank you!

    1. Yikes! No I've never had that issue :[ What products are you currently using?

      Make sure you're not shaking the bottle to prevent bubbles, if you're not already. I've also heard keeping it in the fridge can kill the bubbles. I feel that with top and base coats chemicals play a big part, you just gotta find a combo that works the best with your body.

      Peeling of your nails or the polish is an issue?

    2. OK I'll try that..yes, still trying to find the right duo lol. the nail polish peels when it's on my nails like after only one day, I guess because the base/top coat and nail color are layered on too thick? My search continues for the right lacquer! thank you for replying :)) I'll try the fridge idea!

  2. What makes Cheeky and BM plates your favorite? I still haven't tried either.

    1. I like the designs and the size of the stamps, when my nails are longer I don't have to sacrifice part of the design. I love Cheeky because they get SUPER intricate with their designs and they pick up amazingly well for such crazy details.


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