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Pin It Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Hi frenzzzzz! Today I have a semi-new to me product called Nail Cones! I saw this on a blogger product review site and I couldn't not sign up. I have a heard of a similar product being sold by an Instagramer, but she vanished a few months ago. SOOO I was excited to try these. Check out how Nail Cones work after the jump!

Nail Cones instructions
Nail Cone applied

The idea behind Nail Cones is to avoid clean up while polishing your nails. Like above, the Nail Cones tuck under your nail and around the sides of your nails. It's ideal to wash and dry around your nails so the sticker sticks well to your skin. They come in 3 different sizes:

Different size of Nail Cones

They come in a variety of 3 different sizes - I outlined them in Sharpie so you can see the differences a bit better. The smallest one (on the left) is slightly too big for me...even my thumb. Maybe pedicures for the larger sizes? So, I kinda wish there was one more size smaller :]

I understand getting polish on the sides of your nails; however, I've honestly never had a big issue of getting polish under my nail. Maybe some people do *shrugs*, people would have to if these were invented lmao. I decided to use these the way I saw them used on Instagram as the MIA seller of stickers with the same idea did/use my creative ability to not follow instructions :P

Nail Cones applied reversed

If you do gradient nail art, you KNOW clean up is honestly the worst part of the whole thing... but we all deal with it because gradients are badfreakinass. Soooo I flipped the Nail Cones to protect the top of my nails at the cuticle area to avoid clean up.  I also feel that flipped this way, the cones protect more of the sides of my nail. I think that angle just works better for me to be honest!

SOOOOO let's take a look at the results from a gradient I did!

Nail Cones applied reversed after a sponge gradient

LOOK AT ALL THAT MESS I WOULD HAVE TO CLEAN OFF OF MY SKIN!!! But now I don't B) Yes, I know that there are techniques to avoid the dreaded mess (i.e. tape or Elmer's glue) but those haven't worked for me. I have extra, crazy, dry eczema skin that makes it hard for me do use some products. However, these STUCK to my skin and didn't move until I wanted them to!

Now let's remove the Nail Cones:

Results of using Nail Cones flipped

I'll take this mess over my typical gradient mess ANY DAY. You can see better what I meant when I said that the small size were slightly too large for my nails. Still not too bad though! I can't even express how happy I was because it cut down the time it takes me to clean up gradients in more than half. Awesome.

Rainbow gradient

Happy, clean gradient nails :] With less of a mess to usually clean, it actually made my cleanup look nicer than usual because I didn't half ass cleaning due to frustration :P

Nail Cones used in nail stamping

I loved the gradient but then I had an epiphany and was like OH GREAT SCOTT! I CAN USE THESE WHEN I STAMP TOO!!! Not like stamping clean up is crazy, but it's still cleanup. I think they worked out pretty well for stamping! Probably better than the gradient :P

As you can see I reused the Nail Cones. I didn't think I would be able to use them again. I was worried about the lack of stickiness after the 1st removal. Well surprise, surprise - they stuck to my skin nicely (after wiping my skin with acetone). Even better? I used them the next day for another gradient and they stuck perfectly! I'm going to use the heck out of this set until they don't stick anymore hahaha.

Leopard rainbow gradient nails

Overall: For $5.99 shipped you get 4 sheets of Nail Cones for a total of 60 stickers.  I don't think that's a bad deal at all and I would purchase them so I wouldn't have to deal with clean up! LOL I really enjoyed Nail Cones. I do wish there were smaller sizes, but I think if I scooted the round part down to my cuticle I would probably be able to get some use out of them. If tape doesn't stick to your skin and Elmer's glue around your nails drives you nuts - give these a shot! I'm glad I found this company and I think this such a cool idea :]

To be honest - the way they are intended to be used makes sense to me but I think applying them reversed (the way I did) makes more sense. I hear more people express concerns about nail polish on the sides and cuticle area than I do about under the nail (which I think would probably be the easiest part to clean up?)  Plus... this kinda screws up the whole "wrap your tips" process, which makes polish last longer LOL.

Website | FacebookInstagram 
Price: $5.99/60 Cones
Where to Find: Website

So there you have it! What do ya'll think of these Nail Cones? Would you try them??

Have a good one,
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  1. These are pretty neat! I have never heard of them before.
    I can see how they would be intended to be used under the nail because I am TERRIBLE about sealing my free edge, especially when my nails are shorter. I hate the work it takes to NOT make a mess of it when I do them.
    Also, these would be great for water marbling, both around the cuticle and under the nail :)

    1. I knew someone out there in real life would want to use it the intended way! I guess I just never see it in clean up posts or when ppl post manis haha. I wish I was good at watermarking to try!

  2. I love how you used this according to your actual needs. Great idea and a lovely gradient.

  3. Great review, these seem like a really nifty product!

  4. I really like the idea of these! I think they're useful under the nails if you have shorties-when mine are really short they don't have much free edge and I do get polish on the end of my fingers sometimes (especially doing gradients!). I'm hoping they come to the UK soon!

  5. Gorgeous mani and this is such a great idea! Would you mind sharing the review site you found them on? I'm always looking for new product ideas like this :D

    1. Thanks! I linked it in the disclosure at the bottom: tomoson.com :)

  6. Interesting... I'm kind of confused about people having issues with getting polish under their nail, as well. I mean, sometimes when I seal the tip, I wind up with a bit under my nail, but it's not a huge deal to clean it up. But using these to avoid so much cleanup while doing gradients and stamping is an awesome idea! I also love the cute ice cream cone print on these... adorbs. It'd certainly be faster than other methods I've used in the past, which include tape to mask around the nail, and my personal favorite (although it's a bit time consuming), painting on a peel-off face mask (I use Queen Helene Grape Seed Peel-Off Masque... it was the first thing I thought of when I saw reviews of Kiesque Liquid Palisade, and lucky for me, I already had it on hand... way cheaper than LP, and comes in a huge bottle, I recommend it if you're interested in LP but put off by the price!).

    btw, what is this "blogger product review site" you mentioned? I've wanted to do product reviews on my blog but I'm not well-known enough for companies to reach out to me, so something like that sounds useful to me.

    1. Right? I imagine a swipe of a q-tip under the nail would actually be easier than applying these haha but that's just me! Oh the face mask is a good idea! Better than the glue haha. I remember reading about LP but I'd rather clean up than pay an arm and a leg for somethin the shower can wash off lmao. Ya know?

      Oh and I linked it in the disclosure at the bottom: tomoson.com :)

  7. This is awesome! Never heard of such a thing. I think I will buy some and try them.out.

  8. Why didn't *I* think of that?! I used them as intended and they didn't do squat for me (I don't have an issue with polish under my nails, either, and they were all too big to fit around my nails). I love that they work reversed, especially with stamping- yay!

  9. Okay, so how do you gradient your nails anyway? How do you stamp them? I am so out of the nail polish loop!

  10. What a cool product! I bet you could save the shape pf them and make more from a sheet of sticker paper. Love this idea!!!

  11. What kind of stamps do you use to stamp your nails?! That's awesome!


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