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[CLOSED] BARIELLE: Lace & Lacquers' Perfect Barielle Manicure [+ GIVEAWAY! Ends 8/2]

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Lace & Lacquers' Perfect Barielle Manicure items

I was asked by Barielle to create my Perfect Barielle Manicure! I stuck to the basics because 90% of the time when I do a manicure, it's quick and simple. Best part about this? While I get to try out these products I selected, Barielle was kind enough to provide a set for me to send to you to try, too!

Barielle Love Your Nails remover wipes

First step in my manicure is always to remove my polish. Weather it be an old mani, left over swatch, or 10 colors on one hand - it's gotta go! I used Barielle's acetone-free Love Your Nails remover wipes. I think these are great because if you're traveling or you just want to get polish off - they're ready to go and not messy at all. Not to mention they also moisturize your cuticles while you remove the polish. AWESOME. I used one wipe for my entire hand. It easily removed the creme polish I had on. I did have an indie shimmer polish that was a little difficult, but I got it off :P

Barielle Instant Nail Hardener

I don't know about you but a nail hardener is one treatment I can't skip for my nails. I'll regret it when I open the patio door if I do skip it! I to use Duri Rejuvacote as a base coat and it has been VERY kind to my nails. I was excited to see that Barille's Instant Liquid Nail Hardener is a similar product! It can be used as a base coat and a top coat (if you want, I don't but my mom does!). I can't wait to see how my nails respond to this! If you haven't tried a hardener - now's your chance.

Barielle No-Chip Speed Dry Top Coat and Intensive Nail Renewal Oil
Two manicure essentials for me I never skip, even when in a hurry: A top coat and cuticle moisturizer!

For my mani, I chose Barielle's No-Chip Speed Dry. If you're looking for a quick dry top coat similar to Seche Vite, this isn't it haha. It doesn't dry as fast... but I've read somewhere that a slower drying top coat can make your mani last longer. So, what the hey! Let's give it a shot. I don't recommend this for nail art. It smears it and it turned my white polish... purple? Yipes. But it's great over a solid color lol

Next is Barielle's Intensive Nail Renew Oil. Cuticle Moisturizer is a must for strong nails and nice lookin' cuticles! I'm not usually a big fan of oil but this absorbs nicely and quickly. It also has a nice, very light floral scent. Me likey.

Barielle Blue Capri

In my quick basic manis, I usually go for a fun color if I'm not adding glitter to it. I chose a fun bright, cobalt blue- Barielle Blue Capri! It's kinda weird though, because in my swatch (and other's) it's a bright awesome blue. But before you add a top coat - it's a dusty blue... haha it's really weird. Then, when I woke up this morning it was the dusty dark blue again. I'M SO CONFUSED Y'ALL!!! I mean, either way I'd choose either color for a quick mani, but what in the world? I've never had this happen... On the bright side, no staining haha. So take that for what it's worth? Sorry I chose such a crazy polish for you hahahaha

So today's your lucky day! You can win all 4 of these products to try for yourself. Sadly this is US only due to the nature of the giveaway. It ends on 8/2/2014. For full details on the rules, click here. Enter in the Rafflecopter widget below, if it is a butthead and doesn't show up - click here.
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Best of luck!
These polishes were sent for review/giveaway. My opinions of the brand are my own and are not influenced in any way. Please read the disclaimer tab for more information about my reviews.


  1. Duri Rejuvacote is my go to basecoat for every mani!

  2. Cuticle oil is hands-down my essential nail care item.

  3. Quick dry top coat is my essential item!!

  4. Replies
    1. I have to have an acetone tub (the one with the pink bristles)to easily remove polish :-D

  5. OPI Nail Envy is my #1 essential item for a mani.

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  7. Nail Envy, but I'm more concerned about my cuticles, need help

  8. lotion to keep my cuticles and skin looking nice :)

  9. I like Poshe fast dry base coat and top coat.

  10. I use OPI nailenvy each and every mni

  11. I'm having a problem with the Rafflecopter...I'm unable to paste my shares in there :(

  12. I have to use my fast dry top coat, I'm doing my right before I go to bed and there's usually at least one trip to settle a munchkin as well.

  13. My essential is good hand creme or lotion because my skin around my nails get dry.

  14. My mani go to is most definitely my dionis cuticle salve

  15. i cant put the links to facebook and twitter on here but i am posting daily !

  16. I always use my Sally Hansen Natural Nail Growth Activator before I start my manicures/pedicures. Thank you for the chance!


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