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Liquid Palisade

Hey guys! Today I have another awesome product to share with you. Last month I reviewed Nail Cones, shortly after posting that review I was contacted by Kiesque to give their product, Liquid Palisade, a try. I have heard of LP before but was reluctant to try due to the price. I've seen people recommend using Elmer's Glue to get the same effect. I've tried the glue - THIS is 100x easier and awesomer haha. Let me show you how Liquid Palisade works after the jump! I'm so excited to share with you :]

Liquid Palisade Brush

Liquid Palisade is a "liquid, paint-on barrier that covers ad protects the fingernail cuticles from polish mishaps". Anywhere you don't want polish - Liquid Palisade can help! Just apply it, apply your polish, and peel LP off. It comes with a small liner brush for precise application.

Liquid Palisade applied
Liquid Palisade applied

I applied Liquid Palisade around my cuticles and up my finger a little bit. Figured I'd give this the same try I did with Nail Cones - so I planned on doing a gradient mani!

Liquid Palisade goes on light purple and dries into a darker purple. It was easy to apply with the brush. The liner brush makes it easy to get close to the nail without flooding it.

Gradient sponged on using Liquid Palisade as a barrier

After Liquid Palisade dries, I used a sponge to apply my gradient using Color Club neons Right On, Peace Love & Polish, and Foxy Mama. I probably should of reversed it so you could see the LP lmao, you can kinda see it :P

Removal of Liquid Palisade

OH MY GOD LOOK AT THAT. CAN YOU SEE THAT. DO YOU FREAKIN' SEE THAT?! This might be the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life LOL.

You peel off LP when the polish is still tacky, not 100% dry. You can use tweezers to grab the LP and peel it off, I just used my nails haha. I like this more than the Nail Cones because you can get a snug fit around your nail and there is no popping up possibilities, like you get with a sticker.

Color Club Poptastic gradient

A tiny bit of clean up around the cuticles and this mani is good to go! I'm in heaven.

Liquid Palisade nail art
Liquid Palisade nail art

You can also use LP in nail art! You can make any design, just apply it wherever you don't want polish to show up. I did a variety of designs, waited for LP to dry, applied my black, waited for it to be tacky and then removed the LP stencil. I made little "tabs" so it was easy to grab the LP and pull it off. Clearly, I'm not an expert - yet - and I need a lot of practice! I really recommend tweezers here so you can grab the designs that might be on the center or end of the nail where you can't grab it with your nail.

PRODUCT INFORMATION Brand: Liquid Palisade
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Price: $22
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Overall I like this idea more than the Nail Cones idea, this is more accurate. Elmer's Glue is nothing like this. LP dries quicker and applies thicker than a layer of glue. In addition to creating a cuticle barrier, it has multiple nail art uses which is awesome!

If you're put off by the price point, don't worry - I was too lol. The creator of LP reassured me that there is about 30 manicures in a bottle. Well when you put it that way... here's my card! :P She also mentioned that she is working on getting the price point down, which is great news... charge me for 2! Hehe

Hope you enjoyed this nifty little product!

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