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GLAM MY MANI: Nail Vinyl Review Part I [Stripes, Wavy, Lightning Bolts, & Chevrons]

Pin It First and foremost, I'd like to announce the winners of my Beauty Clutch Giveaway! Congrats to Bridget H., Natalie C., and Bethany N.! Please check your emails, I also shot you a tweet :] If you didn't win, there will be plenty of giveaways coming up, so don't give up!

Glam My Mani Nail Vinyls

Back to nails! I recently shared a giveaway for some nail vinyls from Glam My Mani! They saw I shared and asked if I'd like to review a few on my blog. I can always use more practice with vinyl decals haha. Today I'm reviewing half of the decals. Hope you enjoy the manis I came up with :]

Glam My Mani Stripe Nail Vinyls

For the Stripe Nail Vinyls mani, I sponged on a gradient using Revlon Electrified Web and Spidey Sense (PS: Shout out to Steph for sendin' me these Spiderman polishes!!!). Then, I applied the stripes and did the same gradient in the reverse. I must say, striped vinyls are 10x easier than doing stripes on your own or dealing with freakin' striping tape. Striping tape is da devil.

Glam My Mani Wavy Line Nail Vinyls

For my Wavy Line Nail Vinyl mani, I firs applied Sally Hansen Color Foil Sterling Silver, applied the nail vinyl and then applied China Glaze Keep Calm Paint On. Then, to match the silver polish I added some clear rhinestones! Not 100% sure I like this, I stared at it for awhile and I couldn't decide LOL. I do think these vinyls would be fun for like a drippy ice cream cone mani though!

Glam My Mani Lightning Bold Nail Vinyls

I've been wantin to try some nail vinyls in this shape, but I felt so awkward trying to use them LOL There's SO many different angles to use these Lightning Bolt Nail Vinyls. I'm kinda lol-ing in my head because they look like Z's and I used all Zoya polishes here hahahahha. Anyways, I used the Lightning Bold Nail Decals by applying them over Zoya Wendy and painting on Zoya Ling and Muse. Then, I went back with a striping brush and added a skinnier Z shape with Zoya Harper. I really like how this turned out!

Glam My Mani Chevron Nail Vinyls

Ahhh, the ever so popular Chevron Nail Vinyls! I uploaded this mani the other day. I used Zoya Raven and then did a tie dye design using the Color Club Poptastic Collection. Sadly, when I went to the beach, playin with the dog and digging in the sand gave me some pretty nice tip wear! But have no fear! I could easily save my tie dye design I worked so hard on by covering up the gross parts with the Chevron Nail Vinyls. All I did was apply them and then polished on some more Zoya Raven. Wham, bam, thank ya, ma'am!

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Overall I really enjoyed these nail vinyls! I've used a few brands here and there in the past and I felt like these were more flexible and easy to work with. I still need to get down how long I should wait before I peel them off haha I'll get it one day! Stay tuned for the 2nd half of the review in a few days!

Have a great weekend!
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