Thursday, January 22, 2015

HARE POLISH: The Norwegians are Leaving & Queen of the Underworld

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Hare Polish The Norwegians are Leaving (L)
and Queen of the Underworld (R)

FRIIIIENNNDSSSSSSS! Today I have 2 more new polishes for Winter from Hare Polish. These kind of have similar glitter, but look so different on the nail to me. Not to mention, the base colors are gorgeous themselves! Check out these 2 polishes after the jump :]

Hare Polish The Norwegians are Leaving
Hare Polish The Norwegians are Leaving
Hare Polish The Norwegians are Leaving

The Norwegians are Leaving (from Winter 2014: Welcome to Twin Peaks, Part 2) is a "bright blue jelly with lots of gold flakies, iridescent gold glitter, tiny blue flakies and purple shimmer". Such a gorgeous shade of blue. The minute I saw it, I had to have it. I wasn't sure if I'd love the flakies in it, but I didn't mind them at all; they're very light and pretty :]

I did 3 coats of The Norwegians are Leaving. The application was smooth, easy to work with, and easy to build up. If I had shorter nails, I could of got away with 2 coats... but right now 3 is perfect for me. No dry time issues to report!

Hare Polish Queen of the Underworld
Hare Polish Queen of the Underworld
Hare Polish Queen of the Underworld

Queen of the Underworld (from Winter 2014: The Abduction of Persephone) is a "raisin purple jelly packed with teal hexes and squares, hot pink glitter, gold flakies and lots of blue shimmer". Mine looks a little more purple than raisin-y? The macro looks more raisn-y, but it doesn't in... normal vision hahaha. I think all the glitter in it makes it look more purple? That's okay, the color and glitter are awesome.

I did 3 coats of Queen of the Underworld. It was a little on the thicker side than I'm used to with Hare, but it was still manageable. I waited between coats since it was a little thicker. No issues with waiting :)

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Price: Full Sized $10
Where to Find: Etsy, Llarowe, Shop Eclecticco, Femme Fatale

These had LE gold labels VS the regular clear/white labels to celebrate the holiday season. The polishes aren't LE, just the shiny labels. :] Hare just restocked last night, so be sure to check out their Etsy if you're diggin' these polishes!

Talk to ya laterssss,
I bought this myself. Is that good enough for you, Federal Trade Commission?


  1. Queen of the Underworld!!! That is one cool color! Love it! I always enjoy your swatches! <3

  2. Omg queen of the underworld is gooorgeous


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