Tuesday, January 20, 2015

YOU POLISH: Valentine's Day Decals

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You Polish V-Day Nail Decals

Soooo Lacey's least favorite holiday ever Valentine's Day is less than a month away. Time to start buying gooshy love stuff! If you're planning some V-Day nail art but you want somethin' quick, I have some Valentine's Day themed decals from You Polish to share! Check out what I did with them after the jump :]

Valentine's Day themed You Polish decal nail art

For this one I used the "I LOVE YOU" cut out letters along with some other little festively love-y dove-y designs. I used Zoya Rooney as the base. Super quick, easy, and totally perfect for V-Day!

Valentine's Day themed You Polish decal nail art

Another quick and simple mani. I don't know about you - but there are 2 nail art things I suck at: Circles and hearts LOL. These little heart stickers were so much easier than pulling my hair out for an hour trying to make perfect hearts. I just lined them up along with one of the cut out hearts over Salon Perfect Sugar Cube.

Valentine's Day themed You Polish decal nail art

For this one, I used a pair of scissors and cut it into 3 pieces. Then I made it shoot out some little heart decals on my pinky haha. Again, I used Zoya Rooney for the pink. The glitter is Barielle's Pink Diamond.

Valentine's Day themed You Polish decal nail art

Then for this mani I whipped out my makeup sponge and used Zoya Yana, Rooney, and Sweet to make a pretty little gradient. Totally didn't notice my ring finger was so different compared to the other gradients LOL so let's pretend it's an accent nail? HAHAHAHA. ANYWAYS - I used the larger heart outlines and added them to the tips of my nails.

Valentine's Day themed You Polish decal nail art

Last but not least, I used the "I LOVE YOU" stencils. I painted my nails white with Salon Perfect Sugar Cube then pained over the stencils with China Glaze Hey Sailor. Then, as an accent nail, I sponged on some light pink polish in the center and added the cupid decal.

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What do you think of these decals and manis? If you want to grab the decals, $5.50/sheet, click here. You can also buy them in a ton of colors, not just red.

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  1. These are cute! I didn't notice your ring finger being different, I thought it was supposed to be like that :)

    1. Thanks! LOL I think I might just be overly critical... well, my eyes are :P

  2. i love what you did with the decals and how you created so many unique looks with them!


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