Thursday, July 9, 2015

SQUAREHUE: The Decades Collection - 1960 [July 2015: Turn On 1966, Tune In 1966, & Drop Out 1966]

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SquareHue (L->R) Turn On 1966, Tune In 1966, and Drop Out 1966

Hey there! Today I have swatches of SquareHue's July box which features shades inspired by the 1960s. I was super excited about the colors this month and I can't wait to share them with you! Check out this month's trio after the jump

SquareHue Turn On 1966
SquareHue Turn On 1966

Turn On 1966 is a bright, electric, highlighter yellow neon creme. Upon drying, the Turn On's finish is matte. This is a pain to photograph haha it's so intensely neon in real life. Doesn't do any favors for my skin in pictures either.

I did 2 coats of Turn On over Salon Perfect Sugar Cube (a white). I recommend layering this over a white creme, I was at 4 coats and it still wasn't opaque. The application was easy to work with, nice smooth formula. No issue with dry time.

SquareHue Tune In 1966
SquareHue Tune In 1966

Tune In 1966 is a berry fuchsia shade that dries matte. It says it's neon on the card but I don't feel like it's quite neon, or is it just me? I don't mind, this is a gorgeous color!

I did 3 coats of Tune In. The application was identical to Turn On, smooth and easy to work with. Thankfully, Tune In was a bit more opaque and was easy to build up. No issues with dry time.

SquareHue Drop Out 1966
SquareHue Drop Out 1966
SquareHue Drop Out 1966

This was my favorite in this month's trio - just look at it! Drop Out 1966 is a medium purple polish with a bright blue and purple flash. I was super happy the duochrome effect was as apparent on the nail as it was in the bottle. Gorgeous polish!

I did 3 coats of Drop Out plus an extra coat on my tips. The formula of this polish was smooth and easy to work with. I was surprised how easy this was to build up, I was a bit worried :P You could easily layer this over another polish if you'd like. No dry time issues.

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So there ya have it! The 1960s Collection for July 2015. Hopefully I can keep up with swatching all these boxes :] Which is your favorite from this box?

Also, if you're interested SquareHue just introduced a 2 polish box (instead of 3) for $10.99/month.

Have a good one!
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