Thursday, July 2, 2015

Forget Me Not Friday (Thursday Edition) - SALLY GIRL: Butta

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Sally Girl Nail Color in Butta

Sorry if I got your hopes up thinking it was Friday :P I decided to do FMNF a day early so I can share my 4th of July mani with you tomorrow! This week's polish comes from the depths of my untrieds bucket. I honestly have no idea how long this tiny bottle has been down there but I'm sure glad I found it! Check it out after the jump ;]

Sally Girl Butta
Sally Girl Butta
Sally Girl Butta

Sally Girl Butta, whilst in a teeny tiny bottle packs a big punch! This polish features turquoise blue hexes swimming in a sea of copper and silver micro glitter in blackened brown sheer base. I remember grabbing this because someone posted a swatch pic on IG and it reminded me of a polish I could see Nerd Lacquer making... but for $1 haha! I'm not usually a fan of black-brown base colors but the glitter really brightens the polish up and makes it more "tolerable" for me and my skin tone.

I did 4 coats of Butta, plus an extra coat on the tips of my nails, plus top coat.. This polish had a very nice formula, which shocked me haha (sorry Sally Girl...) It was easy to apply and built up nicely in a few coats. Usually I have a rule of "stop at 3 coats, 4 coats is stupid", but this polish dried pretty darn quickly so it made 4-5 coats possible. Next time I think I'll layer it, gotta find that polish I was looking for in my stash though!

Sally Girl Butta plus Pure Ice Matte Top Coat

For funzies, I threw on Pure Ice's Matte Top Coat which gave this polish a whole new look. I can't decide if I like it matte or shiny better! Both versions look so great :]

POLISH INFORMATION Brand: Sally Girl (Sally Beauty Supply)
Website | Facebook | BlogTwitter | Instagram
Price: .99 cents / .94 cents with card
Where to Find: Online, in store
So there ya have it, a teeny tiny bottle with a lot of sparkle and prettiness! Have you purchased any Sally Girl polishes that are a must have?

I bought this myself. Is that good enough for you, Federal Trade Commission?

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