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[CLOSED] TWEE & HONEY: Creative Shop Stamper Review [+ International Giveaway Ends 7/12]

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Twee & Honey Creative Shop Stamper Set

HAPPY, HUMP DAYYYY! (I don't normally post on Wednesdays, so I had to say it haha) This afternoon, I have a review of the Creative Shop Stamper. I purchased a stamper set from Twee & Honey and Cleo kindly sent me an extra set to give away! I didn't do much research before purchasing this stamper haha all I know is 1) I like stamping 2) People who liked stamping liked this stamper. Sold. Check out the review and giveaway form after the jump!

Stamper head comparison

Here's a quick comparison of the 3 stampers I use most frequently. I never use the Konad one for full image designs. If it's lucky and gets used, it's for "decals" because of the harder surface. The "eBay XL Squishy" stamper is the same stamper as Winstonia sells... only cheaper and from China LOL. Hope this comparison helps!

Sponge gradient mani stamped with Twee & Honey Creative Stamper,
Cheeky plate CH38, and Sinful Colors Snow Me White
Sponge gradient mani stamped with Twee & Honey Creative Stamper,
Cheeky plate CH38, and Sinful Colors Snow Me White

This gradient was done using a cosmetic sponge, Sally Hansen (original) Pacific Blue, and Color Club Wild Cactus over Salon Perfect Sugar Cube. I stamped the image using Cheeky plate CH38 and Sinful Colors Snow Me White. I added iridescent glitter on the pearls in the stamped image.

The thing that drove me to buy the Creative Shop stamper was seeing how crisp the images were on the nail. Not to mention the obvious reasons: The stamper head is larger and squishy. I was told this stamper was "pre-prepped" and at the time, I had no freakin' idea what that even meant. I kept seeing people mention this whole "prep" business but I never read into it. I've been stamping since 2011 and I've never needed to "prep" a stamper. Apparently, how you prep stampers is with a Magic Eraser or a file (DO NOT use a file on this stamper, I've been told)

My experience with the Creative Shop Stamper:
Let me be real, I honestly struggled with this damn thing at the beginning. This was my 2nd gradient mani with this stamper. At the beginning, I couldn't get it to pick up images to save my life, still not sure why. I thought it was this whole "prep" thing, so I cleaned it lightly with my Magic Eraser. Helped a little, but not much. Thought it was my plates, but no... I've used these plates a million times! Thought it was my polish, but no... I've successfully used those polish brands/finishes a million times, too! Maybe they're just not matches for each other... I don't know. Any tips?

I happily settled for the CH38 plate, after struggling with my usual go-to XL plate. I had this idea burned into mind that this stamp image was meant to be PERFECT, FLAWLESS. Seeing incomplete lines irked me. After I finished this mani, I scrolled through #creativestamper on Instagram. The stamping images were never perfect. Mostly all had small imperfections, especially the more intricate ones (which is what I wanted to showcase), I was just wasn't paying close enough attention to it before. I set myself and the stamper up ultimate perfection and that's not always 100% possible *facepalm*

In the end, the image on my nails were great... but I'm still going to keep practicing to win that perfect image I have in my mind :P And you know what? Thanks to Twee & Honey, you can practice along with me! (Or maybe you'll just be perfect the first time haha) Enter below.

The Twee & Honey/Creative Shop Stamper Giveaway is open July 1st 2015 until July 12th 2015 11:59 PM PST and is open to internationally (US, PR, Canada,  & everyone else*!). Must be 18 years of age or older to enter. PLEASE do not enter if you intend to unfollow/unlike after the giveaway ends. *INTERNATIONAL PLEASE NOTE: I will pay international shipping UP TO the amount I would spend to ship to the US/PR/CAN. (FULL RULES)

Good luck & happy stamping!
These items were sent for review/giveaway. My opinions of the brand and products are my own and are not influenced in any way. Please read the disclaimer tab for more information about my reviews.

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