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SINFUL COLORS: Kylie Jenner Trend Matters Collection PART I [Miss Klaws, Fuchsia U!, Holly-wood, Koral Riff, & Taupe is Chic]

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Sinful Colors Kyle Jenner Trend Matters Collection - Pure Satin Mattes
(L->R) Miss Klaws, Fuchsia U!, Holly-wood, Koral Riff, and Taupe is Chic

Happy FRIDAY! :] Last month I was sent a ton of Sinful Colors Kylie Jenner Collection polishes to swatch and share with my readers. Today have the red and pink shades to share. These polishes have a pure satin matte finish (reminds me of Zoya's satin finishes). Check out these polishes after the jump!

Sinful Colors Pure Satin Mattes - Miss Klaws

Miss Klaws is a rich, raspberry red creme polish.  This is one of my favorite go-to polish shades. This color is perfect all year-round. Miss Klaws was the first polish I swatched in this collection and I was instantly impressed. This color is nice and opaque in 2 coats and dries super quickly to a nice satin finish.

Sinful Colors Pure Satin Mattes - Fuchsia U!

Fuchsia U! is that classic medium fuchsia pink creme every brand and collection seems to have. Not that it's a bad thing.... I think this is a flattering color on everyone (not that I can prove it LMAO but I just feel like it looks awesome on every skin color I see it on :P ) Fuchsia U! also has subtle shimmer, but it's sooooo subtle isn't even worth a macro slot :-\ This one was also nicely opaque in 2 coats and dried quickly.

Sinful Colors Pure Satin Mattes - Holly-wood

GUYYYYYSSSS this COLORRRRRR! Holly-wood is a bright, hot red creme polish. I feel like I rediscover this shade of red every spring-summer and die every time I see it LOL Like I forget it exists, but then I'm super pleasantly surprised when I rediscover it. But how could you not? THIS COLORRRR! Everything. I did 3 coats of this polish. It dried quickly which made 3 coats a breeze.

Sinful Colors Pure Satin Mattes - Koral Riff

Next up is Koral Riff, a medium coral creme polish. This one also has super duper subtle shimmer hardly visible to the eye. This is another AWESOME color for summer, next to a tan - oooohhh! This one took 3 coats also. Upon application I had a little bit of trouble getting it to even out, but it evened out as it dried. Dry time was good, I've had worse but not the best in the collection.

Sinful Colors Pure Satin Mattes - Taupe is Chic

Last but not least is Taupe is Chic. I'm not a color expert or anything but I'm not seeing any taupe... haha! This is a soft pink nude creme. The color in the photo seems a little off (I couldn't get it to photograph :[ ) and it comes across more pink in real life. I feel like I could pick this polish out of any neutral/transition collection out of my collection... but SOMETHING about this makes it my favorite in this set I'm reviewing. I got so many compliments on this color at work. I did 3 coats of Taupe is Chic. It had an awesome dry time for a nude polish.

POLISH INFORMATIONBrand: Sinful Colors (Kylie Jenner Trend Matters Collection - Pure Satin Mattes)
WebsiteFacebook | Instagram | Twitter
$2.99 MSRP
Where to Find: Starting 4/1/16 the Trend Matters Pure Satin Mattes are Target exclusive, later select retailers nationwide

I can tell you this - idk jack crap about Kylie Jenner but she can create one hell of a collaboration collection! These colors are awesome and there's something for everyone. Taupe is Chic and Holly-wood are my favorites, for sure.

As for wear... (I know satin finishes can sometimes wear a little quickly) I wore Taupe is Chic for 5 days straight WITH top coat and I don't have a single chip in my manicure and I'm super hard on my nail. Very mmmmiiiinor tip wear, but only visible upon inspection. I've always been a big fan of Sinful Colors for their formula and price point, but something about these polishes even blows that out of the water. Polish me impressed.

Any of these colors calling your name? I'll have swatches of the 2nd half of this collection soon!

Thanks for reading!
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  1. I love a good neutral polish for when my nails are short ( I'm having some trouble with them splitting) so Taupe is Cheap caught my eye. Doesn't look streaky either!


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