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SUPERCHIC LACQUER: Project Runway Collection PART II [Make It Work, Boots on the Ground, Own It!, & Take the Plunge]

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SuperChic Lacquer Project Runway Collection (L->R) Make It Work,
Boots on the Ground, Take the Plunge, and Own It!
Today, I have the 2nd part of SuperChic Lacquer's Project Runway Collection - greens and blues. If you missed Part I - click here! This collection is made up of pigmented polishes that are full of holographic pigment and glitter.  Perfect polishes to wear for a summer day out in the sun, trust me! Check out these colors after the jump :]

SuperChic Lacquer Make It Work
SuperChic Lacquer Make It Work

I love this color so hard! Make It Work (also,  I enjoy saying this phrase at work and no one has an idea of the reference lmao it's great.) is a bright, "intensely vibrant chartreuse holo" polish. It looks like crap against my red hands haha but the color is so fun and unique. I did 2 coats of Make It Work. Dry time was great.

SuperChic Lacquer Boots on the Ground
SuperChic Lacquer Boots on the Ground

Boots on the Ground is an "intense muted military green holo". Is anyone constantly, without explanation, drawn to this military green/olive/kale color? This is one of my favorites in the collection. Great color that can be worn year round. I did 1 coat of boots on the ground, no issues.

SuperChic Lacquer Own It!
SuperChic Lacquer Own It!

Own It! is a "intensely vibrant serenity sky blue holo". In the sun, this polish looks like a gorgeous sparkling pool in the middle of the summer! (If you scroll down, I have a shot of this polish in direct sunlight.) Another favorite of mine in this collection, I mean how could it not be?!  I did 1 coat of Own It!

SuperChic Lacquer Take the Plunge
SuperChic Lacquer Take the Plunge

Last, but not least - Take the Plunge, a "intense mermaid aquatic teal holo".  This is a nice, sea green glitter polish. I can see a lot of people liking this color! Very serene and pretty. I did 2 coats of Take the Plunge. No issues.

SuperChic Lacquer (L->R) Make It Work,
Boots on the Ground, Own It!,  and Take the Plunge
Direct Sunlight - SuperChic Lacquer (L->R) Make It Work,
Boots on the Ground, Own It!, and Take the Plunge

And there are all the lovely colors together, above. They look really nice together, easy to mix and match colors. And look at that sparkle in the sun! Such a fun collection for the summer.

Most of these polishes are good to go in one coat, however occasionally a 2nd coat is needed. The best way to apply this polish is in long, complete, and even strokes to avoid it looking lumpy.

POLISH INFORMATIONBrand: SuperChic Lacquer
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Price: Full sized $11 each
Where to Find: Website, Etsy
Coupon Code: 10% off - SUPERCHICFAN0415LAL (at

And there are the rest of the Project Runway Collection polishes. First half of the collection can be seen here! :] Own It! and Boots on the Ground are my favorite out of these 4, and the entire collection. What do you think? Soon, I'll have a review of 2 new products from SuperChic Lacquer up soon. So keep an eye out :]

If you order these polishes from SuperChicLacquer.COM, you can get 10% off your order with code SUPERCHICFAN0415LAL. For more information about this collection, be sure to check out SuperChic Lacquer's social media platforms!

Have a good weekend!
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