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SUPERCHIC LACQUER: Project Runway Collection PART I [Skin Tight, Material Girl, She Wears the Pants, & On Point]

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SuperChic Lacquer Project Runway Collection (L->R) Skin Tight,
Material Girl, She Wears the Pants, and On Point

Hi guysssss! I'm super stoked to share the latest collection from SuperChic Lacquer with you :] The Project Runway Collection came out a few days ago. This collection is made up of 8 holographic glitter polishes. For maximum awesomeness, these polishes have both holographic glitter AND pigment. SuperChic Lacquer is back at it again with fun, unique shade, 1 coat polishes. Today I have Part I of my review, check out these 4 polishes after the jump!

APPLICATION & FORMULA: All these polishes benefit from being applied in longer strokes to make sure it applies evenly. If you try to go back over them in short strokes for even coverage, it will result in a lumpy appearance.  :] Just a tip!

SuperChic Lacquer Skin Tight
SuperChic Lacquer Skin Tight

Skin Tight is a light pink, "muted golden rose quartz holo". This polish has a nice subtle color but is still nice and super blingy! I did 1 coat of Skin Tight.

SuperChic Lacquer Material Girl
SuperChic Lacquer Material Girl

Next up is Material Girl, a nice "intensely vibrant raspberry holo". I really like this shade of pink and I'm claiming this as my favorite out of these polishes. It's a nice jewel tone that also works out well as an every day color without being boring :P I did 1 coat of Material Girl.

SuperChic Lacquer She Wears the Pants
SuperChic Lacquer She Wears the Pants

Next up She Wears the Pants. I find this to be a unique color. It's described as a "muted plum holo". I feel in some lights looks like a wet cement grey and in some lights you can see the true purple. Either way, if you like a darker holo polish this is a nice option. I did 1 coat of She Wears the Pants. This one was a little on the thicker side, so the longer strokes worked well upon application.

SuperChic Lacquer On Point
SuperChic Lacquer On Point

This is On Point, a "vibrant silver metallic holo". This is a nice, clean, bright silver polish. It's like a disco ball on your nails! I think this one and Skin Tight, above, are the most sparkly in this set. I did 2 coats of On Point. Most of these are 1 coaters, but this worked out better for me with 2 thinner coats applied in longer strokes.

SuperChic Lacquer Project Runway Collection
(L->R) On Point, Skin Tight, Material Girl, and She Wears the Pants
Direct sunlight + SuperChic Lacquer  Marvel Plush Top Coat
(L->R) On Point, Skin Tight, Material Girl, and She Wears the Pants

Above, you can see all these colors together. They create a nice pretty ombre! Check out how well these polishes sparkle in the sun. The sun really brings these polishes to life as it hits every holographic glitter and pigment. I'll have a review of the newest top coat soon!

POLISH INFORMATIONBrand: SuperChic Lacquer
Website | Etsy | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest
Price: Full sized $11 each
Where to Find: Website, Etsy
Coupon Code: 10% off - SUPERCHICFAN0415LAL (at

So there ya go! First half of the Project Runway Collection :] Which is your favorite? I think Material Girl is my top pick in this post. I'll have the next 4 polishes and review of 2 new products from SuperChic Lacquer up soon. So keep an eye out :]

In the meantime, if you order these polishes from SuperChicLacquer.COM, you can get 10% off your order with code SUPERCHICFAN0415LAL. For more information about this collection, be sure to check out SuperChic Lacquer's social media platforms!

Stay sparkly,
These items were sent for review. My opinions of the brand are my own and are not influenced in any way. Please read the disclaimer tab for more information about my reviews.

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