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ZOYA: Fall 2020 Luscious Collection PART II [Wanda, Patrice, Teresa, Andrea, Bentley, & Sharon]

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Zoya Fall 2020 Luscious Collection:
(TOP) Wanda, Patrice, Teresa
(BOTTOM) Andrea, Bentley, Sharon

Hey there! Back again with the 2nd half of the Zoya Fall 2020 Collection. This half features 6 pink and purple shades. If you want to check out Part I, click here. Click over the jump or scroll on down if you want to check out the polishes above! :)

Zoya Bentley
Bentley is described as a "deepened grape cream". Fantastic shade of purple for the fall, dark but still rich in color! I did 3 coats of Bently. 

Zoya Sharon
Sharon is a "red-toned wild berry cream". I don't feel like this color is anything to write home about, but it's a color that will look great on every skintone. I think this would look really pretty in a fall nail art design with greens, oragnes, mustards, and browns. I did 3 coats of Sharon.
Zoya Teresa
MACRO: Zoya Teresa
Teresa is described by Zoya as a "deep purple toned ruby metallic". I wasn't quite sure what to expect from this polish from the description, the bottle online, or the bottle in my hand haha. Thankfully, I was pleasantly surprised! Such a lovely dusty purple and the shimmer in it is subtle, but perfect. I did 2 coats of Teresa.

Zoya Andrea
Zoya Andrea
Zoya Andrea
MACRO: Zoya Andrea
Andrea is a "cool-toned, duo-chrome metallic with a purple and green shift". I see more of a blue shift than a green shift. I only see a sprinkle of green in the macro shot. Sorry (not sorry) for all the photos haha, I had to share this shifty goodness of this polish. This one definitely comes off more metallic than Teresa. It has a futuristic, space, look to it. I love this polish so much. We haven't seen too many metallic duo-chromes from Zoya, and they did a great job with this one! I did 3 coats of Andrea.

Zoya Patrice
MACRO: Zoya Patrice
If you loved the glassfleck shimmers Zoya release in their Summer (Part IPart II) Collection this year, you're going to love these last 2 polishes:

Zoya Patrice is a "neutral blush with a rainbow and gold micro-shimmer". This is a smidgen more on the rosy side compared to Corinna from the Splash Collection, which works out nicely because I think the golden shimmer stands out better in Patrice. I did 4 coats of Patrice. It was slightly on the sheer side but very easy to layer up to opacity. 

Zoya Wanda
Zoya Wanda
Last but not least, Wanda: "cool-toned rouge pink with a gold and rainbow micro-shimmer". Very similar formula and concept to the polish above, except the pink is a little on the Barbie side. I don't love this shade of pink, but the shimmer makes up for it haha. I did 4 coats of Wanda. Again, easy to apply and build up to opacity with no issues with dry time.

Price: $10 each / $60 per 6 polish Sampler / $30 per polish trio 
Where to Find: Website, Product Locator

So there ya have it, the rest of the Luscious Collection! I can't decide with half I like better. However, I am over the moon in love with Zoya Andrea. While I'm kinda shocked by all the purples and pinks, I feel like it opens up more options and allows a little bit of something for everyone's tastes.  If you missed part one, you can find it right under the post or here.

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