Sunday, February 17, 2013

JULEP: Mischa & Melanie

Pin It Hope everyone is having a great weekend, a great 3 day weekend if you're lucky enough! We're spending the weekend cleaning :[ BUT I do have a post for you :]

Today I have 2 Julep polishes to share with you, Mischa and Melanie. These aren't a part of any of the recent or future boxes, but they're still pretty enough colors to share! Swatches and review after the jump.

Two very different finishes! I wonder what they'll look like:

Julep Mischa

Julep Mischa

This color comes from July 2012's Boho Glam box. Mischa is described as a "cherry scarlet micro-shimmer". I think this leans more toward the orange/coral side than a true scarlet red color. I love how fiery this polish looks with the micro shimmer. In the bottle, I didn't think I'd like it much but I ended up wearing it for 3 days LOL! I did 2 coats of Mischa. It was a smooth formula and it dried in good time.

Julep Melanie

Julep Melanie

Melanie is from August 2012's It Girl box. "Pastel indigo metallic chrome" is how Julep describes Melanie. While this is a gorgeous denim blue shade, I'd say this is more of a frost than a metallic chrome finish. As you can see there are visible brush strokes, but not TOO horrible that I wouldn't wear it. Heaps better than many other frost finishes. I was happy with this polish though. I was expecting it to be thin and runny. Nope, this was opaque in 2 coats. This also had a good try time like her sister Mischa :]

Like I mentioned above, I wore Mischa for three days. The 2nd day I decided she needed a little flare, as pretty as she was alone!

I free handed some damask/brocade inspired designs in black and added an accent nail of Orly Atomic Splash. :]

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  1. Julep Melanie is so pretty & I am usually not a blue polish kinda gal! Perdy!!

  2. You must have gotten a better bottle of Melanie than I did. Took me a tragic 4 coats for opacity. None of them were as "metallic" as I was hoping.


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