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SQUAREHUE: February Box - The Vintage Love Collection

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Square Hue The Vintage Love Collection

Today I'm swatching and reviewing for you, SquareHue's February Box! If you aren't familiar with SquareHue, check out my original post. But, it's another polish subscription service! This month's box was Valentine's/love themed, makes sense haha. The February collection itself is called the Vintage Love Collection. Jump over for more!

These are the 3 shades that came in this month's box:

SquareHue (L->R) Dear John, High School Crush and Wartime Romance

SquareHue High School Crush

High School crush is your basic, powdery, light pink creme polish. This was the shade I was most excited for! I'm not a pink polish fan, but I do have a soft spot for light pinks ;]

Before swatching, I was told this was streaky. Unfortunately, this was true. In 3 coats you could still see spots of my nail. When this happens to any of my polishes, I treat it as if it was a neon - I layer it over a white polish. Problem solved! I did 2 coats of SquareHue High School Crush over Sinful Colors Snow Me White. The dry time was a little slow on this one, a problem I seem to run into when it comes to colors like this... but Seche really helped dry it. Besides those issues, the polish was smooth and went on well.

SquareHue Wartime Romance

Next is Wartime Romance, the first color description that pops in my head is: a pretty raspberry mauve. It's a pretty color for when you don't feel like wearing neons, metallics and chunky glitter! I can totally see the vintage inspiration in this color. Can you?

I did 2 coats of Wartime Romance. The formula was what I was expecting from High School Crush... a nice opaque creme polish. Goes on very smooth and the dry time was great. Good to go!

SquareHue Dear John

SquareHue Dear John

The last color in the Vintage Love Collection is called Dear John. This color totally makes sense to me with the name it was given. If you don't know what a Dear John letter is, it "is a letter written to a husband or boyfriend by his spouse or significant other to inform him their relationship is over, usually because the author has found another lover" (source). Sad, but it happens I guess? Haha EITHER WAY, this is a great color. It's a deep blacked red polish with burgundy shimmer through out. I'm usually not a fan of this shade but I love the shimmer it has!

The formula was great with this one, smooth and no issues. I was expecting it to be less opaque than it was, I was pleased with the results after 2 coats! Dry time was also good. Zero complaints from me!

I did a little nail art using the polishes from the Feb. box, along with a polish from their December box (Champagne Toast):

Nail art with Square Hue polishes

PFT who needs flowers and chocolate when you have Polish?! ;] That's Cheeky plate CH40. Valentine's but not over the top lovey dovey, mushy, nasty poo - perfecto!

I've been asked how it's compared to Julep, I think Julep needs to watch out. If you're looking for my overall opinion on SquareHue, I find that SquareHue is a pretty good contender in the polish subscription market.

These polishes are good quality, I'd say up to par with Julep. I've personally have enjoyed the formulas and the colors in the 2 boxes I've tried. If you're looking at the balding issue and turning your nose up, I honestly can't think of a brand that's never NOT had that issue lol so, get over it ;] bahahaha (I'm not just saying that either... I purchased this box myself and that's how I truly feel) ANYWAYS, although you cannot see the colors you're getting and they're preselected, sorted into monthly collections... if you're in the market to try a new polish/beauty subscription service I think this is worth a shot!

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Price: $21/month
Where to Find: SquareHue's Website
Click here for more SquareHue swatches by Lace & Lacquers

Hope you had a good day, whether you celebrated V-day or not!


  1. Dude, I LOVE those bottles. lol Great design with the colors. :D

  2. Nice colors, especially the raspberry. Your design is a fun way of showing them off together! (Sort of reminds me of old-fashioned candy like that...)


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