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SHIMMER POLISH: Eva, Nichole, & Jennifer

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Hey friends! Today I have post 1 of 2 featuring swatch/review of Shimmer Polish :] If you haven't heard of Shimmer Polish - DO YOU LIVE UNDER A ROCK?! Justtt kiddingggg :P I know there's a lot of indie brands out there these days haha. I like to refer to Shimmer Polish as the Glitterbomb QUEEN. Cindy creates some truly amazing and unique glitterbomb polishes. If you would like to check them out, there's more after the jump :]

Those are the 3 I will be reviewing today. Let's take a look at the first swatch:

Shimmer Polish Eva
Shimmer Polish Shimmer Polish Eva
Shimmer Polish Eva

Eva is a deep red jelly with a mix of red and silver glitter! It reminds me a lot of Shimmer Polish's Marylin, except with a hint of some snazzy silver glitter. I love the depth that this polish creates when it builds up. I can totally see me wearing this on my toes haha, I love deep reds and pinks on my toes for some reason ;D

I did 3 coats of Eva, no undies, plus top coat. I didn't have any issues with this polish at all. Dry time was good, it dries pretty quick in between coats (thankfully!) and application was flawless.

Shimmer Polish Nichole over LVX Fantom
Shimmer Polish Nichole over LVX Fantom
Shimmer Polish Nichole over LVX Fantom

What a patriotic glitterbomb! I honestly can't say I haven't personally ran into one of those. Perfect polish for all those American holidays coming up! Nichole is a mix of red, blue and silver hex glitter in many, many different sizes. If this bottle of polish doesn't say "'MURICA!", well then I just don't know! hahaha - kidding guys... but it is pretty patriotic!

I did 2 coats of Nichole over LVX Fantom, no top coat. It had a super smooth application, and a great dry time. I was happy that I was able to get (what looks like) an even amount of each color of glitter on my nail. Now I need to slap my 4th of July Joby Nail Art decals on this baby!

Shimmer Polish Jennifer over Orly Shockwave
Shimmer Polish Jennifer over Orly Shockwave
Shimmer Polish Jennifer over Orly Shockwave

This one was my favorite of these 3, I just love the glitter mix so much. Jennifer is a mix of aqua blue, light purple with some metallic iridescent hex. This polish is so bright and shiny in person, it's almost insane. The metallic iridescent hexes are my favorite glitters that Shimmer Polish uses, and thankfully she uses them a lot ;]

I did 2 coats of Jennifer over Orly Shockwave, no top coat. Application and dry time were great! I have no complaints of this polish, or any of the 3 I reviewed today :] Keep it up, Cindy! ;]

If you enjoyed these polishes, I have the next 2 coming soon. If you can wait for those, check the link down below, I have a number of Shimmer Polish swatches on my blog.

POLISH INFORMATION Brand: Shimmer Polish
Etsy | Facebook | Blog
Price: Full Sized $12
Where to Find: Etsy,
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