Wednesday, May 1, 2013


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Girly Bits Cosmetics Cu Blue

Today is a post about a lemming o' mine I finally killed last month! I mean look at that bottle, how could it NOT be a lemming haha. This is also my first Girly Bits polish (FINALLY). After the jump, I have swatches and a short review for you :]

Girly Bits Cosmetics Cu Blue
Girly Bits Cosmetics Cu Blue
Girly Bits Cosmetics Cu Blue

Sorry for the shiny fingers, a girls gotta moisturize! I'm so in love with this polish, it's just so perfect in my book! Cu Blue is a deep, dark, indigo blue jelly with a crapton of awesome copper (hence Cu in Cu Blue) shimmer. I'm a big fan of polishes with awesome shimmer and this one hit the spot. Not to mention jelly polishes are a fun time, too ;]

I did 3 coats of Cu Blue. It was a little thinner than I thought it would be, but I came to terms a thinner jelly with a quick dry time is 100000x better than a thicker jelly and a slow dry time haha. So yes, this dried pretty darn quick which made me a happy camper. It's a great smooth application, no issues with this baby!

POLISH INFORMATION Brand: Girly Bits Cosmetics
Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter
Price: $10.00 - $11.50
Where to Find: Big Cartel, Llarowe, Harlow & Co, Overall Beauty, and Mei Mei's Signatures

Talk to ya'll later!
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