Wednesday, May 29, 2013

MARUTI BEADS: Handcrafted Wholesale Beads Made in India - Review

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Handcrafted Maruti Beads

Today's review is something a little, okay entirely out of the realm of nail polish or beauty items. This post is about handcrafted beads made in India! Hopefully those who said on my Facebook that they enjoy crafting will find these pretty nifty! I don't know much about beads haha but I do know what pretty looks like! After the jump a review and some nail art to match.

Handcrafted Maruti Beads

I don't know much about beads and I don't craft much at all. From examination, these beads are pretty good quality and you can tell that some hard work was put into them by the details they exhibit. They have sent me a pretty good assortment of beads of different color, texture, and shape.

I decided the best way to put a little bit of me into this review was to make some matching manicures to a few assorted beads:

Bead inspired manicure
Bead inspired manicure

Haha I tried, okay? There is no way my nail art can do any justice for these beads! I used a variety of nail polishes and some nail art accessories Born Pretty Store sent me to review and others that I had on hand. :]

As I was putting up the beads I noticed some detailing on the metal on the top of some of the beads. I wasn't too thrilled about how my assorted bead idea came out on my nail. So I decided to try something else... I was inspired by one bead in particular:

While I have a stamp that matches the fan shaped design, I felt like it would be fun to freehand the design. I used the silver and red to tie in the colors of the bead. Like I said yesterday, green and red together gives me the heebie jeebies so I left the green detail out lmao. How in the hell I can do this but can't do simpler things is beyond me...

Hopefully, if you are in need of some pretty handmade beads this helps some, especially if you're looking for handmade beads in wholesale bead lots. I can say they were shipped pretty fast, being from India. To me the quality seems pretty good and it doesn't look like detailing will fall off these beads while being worn. I suggest to keep the bead's hole size in mind, it seems like they are different sizes per style (probably a duh, but I'm bead clueless). I bought a Pandora style bracelet off eBay thinking I could show them off that way. Sadly, they did not fit haha that's why you see them on the twine :]

They sell mainly 2 different types of beads, Kashmiri and Lac. While both unique, the different types can look alike at a glance. The easiest way to tell the difference is that "Kashmiri beads are made from a mix of marble powder and manufactured resin while the resin used in Lac beads is from a natural source". That's the simplest explanation. The have more information about their products, of course, on their website.

If you're not looking to purchase beads, maybe they can serve as an inspiration for nail art for you like they did for me!

For more information on these handmade Indian beads, please visit Maruti Beads' website, here! The beads can found in lots of 25 + in prices ranging from about $12.50 +. You can also find premade jewelry on their website for people, like me, who aren't as crafty :P

Here's their information if you would like to look into purchasing from their website:

BEAD NFORMATION Brand: Maruti Beads
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Google+
Price: $12.50 +
Where to Find: Website

Hope you enjoyed something a little different!
These items were sent for review. My opinions of the brand are my own and are not influenced in any way. Please read the disclaimer tab for more information about my reviews.


  1. Those look like amazing beads, could make an amazing unique necklace, or a bracelet to accent and make a mani pop out more! I also loved how you copied some beads for a mani. So beautiful. :)

  2. Ohhhhh man. It's been years since I've done beadwork but these are so gorgeous I'm tempted to get back into it!

  3. They are very accurate and look so nice! Love it!


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