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Shimmer Polish Karen and Alice

HELLO citizens of Lacquer Land! Today I have the 2nd part of my Shimmer Polish swatches. Missed the 1st part? HAVE NO FEAR, you can find it here! :] After the jump, you will find Shimmer Polish glitterbombs galore! What are you waiting for!

Here are the 2 I will be reviewing for you today:

First up is Karen:

Shimmer Polish Karen over LVX Azalea
Shimmer Polish Karen over LVX Azalea
Shimmer Polish Karen over LVX Azalea

(Sorry about the first picture! It didn't seem that blurry on my phone D;!!!) Shimmer Polish Karen is has an aspect that a lot of Shimmer Polish has that I like! She has the ability to create a glitter polish focused on one color mix and then adds a little bit of contrasting color that pops beautifully! I hope that makes sense haha, I reworded that like 10 times. For example, Karen at first glance looks like pink/rose gold glitter polish but thrown into the mix are red and iridescent blue flashing glitters. I love it!

I did 2 coats of Karen over LVX Azalea, no top coat. It had the consistent, great application that I'm used to and dry time was good also. No issues :]

Shimmer Polish Alice
Shimmer Polish Alice
Shimmer Polish Alice

Pretty little silver glitterbomb, these kind of polishes never get old to me! Looks like a disco ball on my nails. Alice is a mix of silver and silver holographic glitter. Her description mentions stars in the mix, but I didn't notice or grab any. I'm not a shaped glitter fan ;] but they're in there sparingly!

I did 3 coats of Alice, no undies or top coat. This polish would also look great over a color, I enjoy the look of it on its own :] No issues with this one again, great application and dry time.

Again, if you missed part 1 of this review, click here. Also be sure to check out my other Shimmer Polish swatches in the link below :]

POLISH INFORMATION Brand: Shimmer Polish
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Price: Full Sized $12
Where to Find: Etsy,
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Have a nice weekend!
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