Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A GIRL OBSESSED: Glittersaurus & Ice Age

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A Girl Obsessed Glittersaurus (L) and Ice Age (R)

Today I have 2 polishes by A Girl Obsessed! Can we all pause and admire the name Glittersaurus? Haha love it! Glittersaurus and Ice Age are a part of her Limited Edition Neon Dino Nuggets Collection. After the jump I have swatch and review of these 2 hot polishes!

PS: I changed up my watermark for this post, not quite sure how to feel about it haha figured it was worth a shot trying it out these next few days since I paid for the app lmao

I used top coat in all these swatches as they are neons and they dry a little on the matte side. Top coat really brought these to life!

A Girl Obsessed Ice Age
A Girl Obsessed Ice Age
A Girl Obsessed Ice Age
A Girl Obsessed Ice Age, direct sunlight
A Girl Obsessed Ice Age

Funny how I ended up reviewing this polish haha Lacey over at My Boyfriend Hates Makeup messaged me on Facebook to give her my address because I HADDDD to review this polish lmao.

Anyways, this is a neon blue polish with silver micro glitter. This blue is magnificent color for sure. Although, it is a smidge brighter/neon-er in person.

I did 2 coats of Ice Age plus top coat. I wish I did an extra coat of TC because it was a little thirsty after one coat of Seche. Shoulda, coulda, woulda! I had no issues with this polish at all. The application was great and the dry time was also great.

A Girl Obsessed Glittersaurus
A Girl Obsessed Glittersaurus
A Girl Obsessed Glittersaurus
A Girl Obsessed Glittersaurus, sunlight

This is a polish with 2 things I love: green, and dinosaurs hahaha. Glittersaurus is a briiighhhhhtttttt (!!!) neon green with tons of iridescent micro glitter. I tried to get pictures of it on the mani shots, but I just couldn't, no matter where and what light I used! D: So imagine the macro glitter in all those shots hahaha

I did 2 coats of Glittersaurus over a white polish, per Sam's instructions, plus top coat. Application was, again, great and dry time was also great.

Zero complaints from me today on either of these polishes!

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