Tuesday, July 23, 2013


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Wonder Beauty Products The Rub (left) and TNT (right)

Hey guys! Today I have 2 polishes to show you from Wonder Beauty products. This is another 2-parter so you'll get to see the others in a wee bit. But for now, I will be swatching and sharing The Rub and TNT after the jump!

Wonder Beauty Products The Rub
Wonder Beauty Products The Rub
Wonder Beauty Products The Rub
Wonder Beauty Products The Rub

The rub is a "baby pink base polish chock full of gorgeous shimmering pink, orange & golden holographic metallic glitters". The balance of matte and holo glitter is perfect in this polish. While I'm not a pink fan, I do enjoy the mixture of colors in this polish against the base color. It makes me think of strawberry shortcake actually :P

I did 2 coats of The Rub, no undies, plus top coat since it was a little thirsty. I didn't have any application issues and I was pleasantly surprised by the dry time. Not to mention I had 3 coats in mind for this polish so 2 made me happy haha.

Wonder Beauty Products TNT
Wonder Beauty Products TNT
Wonder Beauty Products TNT
Wonder Beauty Products TNT

Cos I'm T.N.T.
I'm Dynamite
T.N.T. and I'll win the fight
T.N.T.  I'm a power-load
T.N.T. Watch me Explode

TNT is from her Spackle Collection. It is described as an "explosive colorful blend of red, blue, yellow and black in a stunning white jelly base polish". I know, blah blah - same old Lacey saying she hates white based polish - blah blah hahaha. Not in love with this one BUT do enjoy the primary colors and black glitter VS the usual rainbow glitter. I also like the mixture of sizes, I think it's the perfect amount of small to large glitter in each brush stroke.

I did 3 coats of TNT. I was going to layer it over white but I'm glad I didn't because the jelly-ness of this polish really makes for a neat layered look! The dry time was as expected for a white based AND a jelly polish, so allow adequate time between layers :] No issue in application, it was smooth and good amounts of glitter in each coat

Pretty N Polished Jawbreaker (left), Wonder Beauty Products TNT (right)

TNT reminded me of Pretty N Polished's Jawbreaker. So here's a side by side comparison, I was interested so I figured someone else might be ;] The differences are pretty obvious but the same idea and some of the same colors. I think TNT leans more toward the jelly side of finishes and Jawbreaker more toward the creme side.

POLISH INFORMATION Brand: Wonder Beauty Products / Wonder Jen Products
Etsy | Facebook
Price: $10 full sized
Where to Find: Etsy

I'll have the other 2 towards the end of this week, so keep an eye out :]



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