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WET N WILD: Fall 2014 Limited Edition Megalast Mattes Part I [Echo Dark ,LAC- My Mani?, & So Berry On Trend]

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Wet n Wild Fall 2014 LE Megalast Matte Polish Collection
(L->R) Echo Dark, LAC - My Mani?, So Berry On Trend

I think most people know how I feel about Wet n Wild Megalast polishes, especially if you like me on Facebook LOL. I searched 3 stores to find all 6 of these matte beauties! If I'm not mistaken, I believe this is the first time Megalast polishes have been made in matte? So I HAD to find them and try them out :] Today I'm reviewing 3 out of the 6 polishes. Check 'em out after the jump!

Wet n Wild Megalast Echo Dark
Wet n Wild Megalast Echo Dark
Wet n Wild Megalast Echo Dark

Echo Dark is a midnight navy blue matte. Gotta love a nice navy blue polish. I think the first matte polish I ever tried, in like 2009ish was actually a navy! Must be why I like this one a whole lot :P I was impressed with the matte finish of these polishes, they were really nice actually! I did 2 coats of Echo Dark. I had no issues upon application. Dry time was also great.

Wet n Wild Megalast LAC - My Mani?
Wet n Wild Megalast LAC - My Mani?
Wet n Wild Megalast LAC - My Mani?

LAC - My Mani (HAHAH say it all Southern, it's great!) is a creamy, vanilla matte polish. I was most excited about this one. I love these off white neutrals, especially using them in nail art. I think they look nicer against my skin VS a pure, stark white. I did 3 coats of LAC - My Mani. It wasn't the easiest to work with, I was worried about this. 2 coats came out uneven so a 3rd was necessary. The formula was thicker than polishes from the rest of the collection. Dry time was mehhhhh. Work in thin coats and wait between. As you can see from my pinky, it takes a hot minute to dry... BUT THE PAYOFF!
Wet n Wild Megalast So Berry On Trend
Wet n Wild Megalast So Berry On Trend
Wet n Wild Megalast So Berry On Trend

As you see from the name, So Berry On Trend is a rich berry shade with a matte finish. It reminds me of a matte version of Veronica. So if you have Veronica - a matte top coat will suffice in place of this polish. Totally a gorgeous color though, something I'd wear all year actually haha. I did 2 coats of So Berry On Trend. It gave me no issues with application or dry time and was easy to work with.

Wet n Wild Megalast nail art

I recreated this mani I found on Pinterest with this half of the Fall Collection. It actually looks even more put together with top coat - but you'll just have to take my word for it ;]

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Price: $1.99 (At Walgreens)
Where to Find: Product Locator (I've only personally seen these LEs at Walgreen so far)
Again, I had to hunt down these polishes between 3 Walgreen's stores. Nouveau Cheap has a super handy, dandy product locator map specifically to help you locate this LE collection!

She also posted yesterday that there are MORE LE Megalasts coming exclusively to Walgreen's! Guess I gotta go back soon hahah. Kinda wondering if they are dupes of the General Dollar Megalast exclusives they sell all year round.

Happy Hump Day!

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  1. These polishes are gorgeous! I haven't had any luck finding them yet, only the WnW LE eyeshadow palettes! I need that berry polish. :)


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