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ZOYA: Naturel Satins Collection [Brittany, Ana, Sage, Tove, Leah, & Rowan]

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 Zoya 2015 Transitional  Naturel Satins Collection
Top Row: (L->R) Brittany, Ana, Sage
Bottom Row: Tove, Leah, Rowan
Hi there! Today I have swatches of the Naturel Satins Transitional Collection. This is a new finish from Zoya. This is a fun twist on their usual transitional nude collections. After the jump I swatched all 6 and I even have a finish comparison for you!

Zoya Satin finish comparison: matte (L), satin (M), and shiny (R)

Before we get into the swatches, let's talk about this satin finish. Zoya's Satin finish is a "hybrid between matte and glossy polishes". Above I compared the satin finish in between a matte and shiny top coat. I applied Butter London's Matte Top Coat and SuperChic Lacquer's Marvel Top Coat over Zoya Rowan. This helped me see the difference, so I thought I'd share :] So let's check out the colors below!

Oh, and sorry there is only one angle to these pictures. For some reason my "down the line" photos got super washed out and I couldn't fix it D: No point for macros so I didn't bother LOL! Hope you forgive me ;]

Zoya Satin Brittany

Brittany is a "rose mauve cream". I really, really, really love this color! I'm a sucker for mauve shades though :P This one is soft, light, and kind of girly without being a pastel pink, ya know?

I did 2 coats of Brittany. The application was smooth and easy to work with. Dry time was okay, a little longer than the typical Zoya creme.

Zoya Satin Ana

Next up is Zoya Ana, a "light toasted almond cream". I feel like this is a typical Zoya nude shade, but of course this has a different finish. I am always worried about these lighter nude against my skin, but it actually looked nice and didn't bring out my inner lobster.

I did 3 coats of Ana, a 3rd coat was needed to even it out.  It had a great application with no problems. Again, dry time was alright, I wasn't super impressed.

Zoya Satin Sage

This is Sage, "mossy sage green cream". I really enoyed this color! I think it's super pretty and different. I love when Zoya comes out with some nice dusty cremes, even if it is a satin finish :P

I did 2 coats of Sage. It had a nice application and was opaque and easy to even out. Okay dry time, like the others, nothing to write home about haha.

Zoya Tove

Tove is a "misty slate grey cream".  I think this is more of a blue toned grey, which is okay with me! Even in the bottle I was expecting it to be more blue :P I'm not a huge grey polish fan, but I'm alright with the ones with a little blue in 'em!

I did 2 coats of Tove. Application was smooth and easy to apply. No issues there to report! Dry time was again, just okay to me.

Zoya Satin Leah

Here's Leah, a "lavender tinged taupe cream". This is such a unique color, don't ya think!? At first I wasn't a fan of it, but as I stare at my fingers it's growing on me. :P

I did 2 coats of Leah. Same as the others (besides the 3 coater), this had a great application that evened out nicely. Dry time was okay, still not impressive IMHO.

Zoya Satin Rowan

Lastest but not leastest is a Rowan! This is a "suede taupe cream". This is a nice light brown shade with a little bit of grey. I like it!  :] (BTW this reminds me of once I was rewarded at work because I was told I said "taupe" correctly, not like "top", LOL)

I did 2 coats of Rowan. I didn't have any application issues, it was smooth and easy to work with. Dry time was just okay, like the others.

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Price: $9 each / $54 for the Collection
Where to Find: Website, Product Locator

Here are the things I've decided about this entire collection:
1) The colors are really nice. I enjoyed them more than previous Naturel collections.

2) The dry times are just okay, which was my biggest let down. I figured they'd be awesome since the shiny and matte Zoyas have great dry times.

3) Clean up while the polish is wet or 100% dry, even if you have to go nail by nail! If you clean up after it dries only slightly, it does a pulling number where the polish on your nail touches the brush. Maybe it's user error on my part, but just in case you run into that - clean up while 100% wet or 100% dry haa.

Have a good one!
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