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SQUAREHUE: The Decades Collection - 1910 [February 2015]

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SquareHue 1910 - February Box
(L->R) Tunic, Kewpies, War Crinoline

Today I have swatches of Square Hue's February Box, the 1910 Collection. I've subscribed to SquareHue since 2013, I don't usually swatch 'em though haha. Last December, I won their iPad mini and Decades Collection Giveaway WOOT WOOT! So, as a thank you to them I figured I'd swatch 'em up for you each month! Check out the February box after the jump!

I'm going to try to post these in the middle of the month, so I don't ruin anyone's boxes for them. I live on the total opposite side of the US from where they ship, so I feel like that'd be a safe time of month LOL. If you haven't opened your box by the middle of the month - uhhhhmmm sorry boutcha?

Again, sorry about the one swatch/color. I need to mess with my lamps because all my "down the line" swatches are freakin' washed out hardcore D; I tried to fix the lamps for these swatches... clearly I did something because these were a little dark and I had to lighten them. What the hell is going on?! Hahaha *facewall*

SquareHue Tunic 1910

Tunic is a peachy, pink creme polish. I don't have much to say about this color LOL it's pretty and girly? I usually try to skip subscription polish boxes that are in the month of February, too much pink. :P

I did 4 coats of Tunic. It was pretty patchy and pretty sheer but evened out eventually at 4 coats. It had a great smooth app, maybe a little too thin for my taste though. This had an okay dry time, not super impressed though.

SquareHue Kewpies 1912

kew·pieˈkyo͞opē/ a type [brand name] of doll characterized by a large head, big eyes, chubby cheeks, and a curl or topknot on top of its head. Pictures... hahaha The things you learn from nail polish! I never knew those dolls had a name, of course they did Lacey. 

Kewpies is a soft, super light, baby pink. I always love these shades of pink, especially in the summer because they make your tan look awesome LOL. But I always stay away from them because the applications always make me wanna run into a wall.

I did 4 coats of Kewpies. The application wasn't bad, thankfully it easy to work with and never got goopy. I thought It'd be okay with 3 coats, but the 4th coat really evened it out nicely. The dry time was okay in comparison to most light pinks. ONE day I'll be impressed with a polish dry time of this shade of pink haha.

SquareHue War Crinoline 1915
War Crinoline - The war crinoline, as the fashion was quickly dubbed, was a very full calf-length skirt. Fashion journalists promoted [it] as “patriotic” and “practical,” citing the need brighten the spirits of the soldiers on leave, who would be reminded of the dinginess of war should they see women in cheerless, unfussy blouses and skirts. Pictures. And there's your history lesson of the day!

War Crinoline is a light army green shade. I really like this color. I can honestly say in a box of 2 pink polishes, I wasn't expect this one. I was pleasantly surprised and it works nicely with the other 2 colors.

I did 2 coats of War Crinoline. The application and coat-age of this polish is more of what I'm used to from SquareHue and brought me a sigh of relief. No issues with dry time or application, all was great.

SquareHue 1910 Dry Marble

I did a little dry marbling of the 3 colors in this collection. You can really see how well the colors work together now!

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So there ya have it! The 1910s Collection for February. Not my favorite box of colors, but I really dig the green!

Love ya,
I won/bought this myself. Is that good enough for you, Federal Trade Commission?


  1. I really like the color of Tunic, but I don't think I've got the patience for four coats. Which is a bummer, because it's really pretty!

    1. I was bummed out for sure, usually SquareHue polishes are good in 2 coats *sigh*. If it's more than 3 coats it's gotta go!

  2. I paused my subscription b/c I wasn't impressed with the colors last month. I'm hoping for more colors that appeal to me in the later decades.

    1. I feel ya... I just got my Jan box (it got delayed due to address change, who knows where it's been the last month LOL!) and I wasn't super feeling the colors either.

  3. I love all of these colors! I especially like Kewpies!

  4. Love the dry marble! Great swatches!


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