Friday, February 20, 2015

Forget Me Not Friday - BOOTIE BABE: Tail Spin

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Bootie Babe Tail Spin

First and foremost we must address the fact that some pigment has settle on the bottom of this polish NBD. BUT because it's a butt shaped bottle, (not so) sadly it settled in the "crotch" part of the bottle... the pigment is bright orange... HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHSHHHAHAHAHAHA ok done being a 10 year old boy. But that's freakin' perfect and hilarious!

Today I have swatches of a Bootie Babe polish I bought sometime last summer. I've given this brand away as a gift and a giveaway item because the bottle and the polish names are so fun and the polishes are pretty nice, too. Did you know these polishes are made by Nubar? I had no idea until just now!

Bootie Babe Tail Spin
Bootie Babe Tail Spin
Bootie Babe Tail Spin

Tail Spin is a caramel-y, chocolate, medium brown creme polish with strong gold shimmer running through it. This is super pretty! Y'know I have a ton of polishes with awesome gold shimmer, but I don't think I have a brown one? I'm lovin' it.

I did 2 coats of Tail Spin. The application was great: smooth and easy to work with. It built up nicely, and I was super happy 2 coats was good to go. No complaints on the dry time either.

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Price: $8 each (Free US Shipping)
Where to Find: Website

So there you have it! I won't lie - I kind of forgot these polishes were even a thing. Now that I know they're made by Nubar and I enjoy that brand, I think I'll look into them a little more. Because I need more untrieds.

Happy Friday,
I bought this myself. Is that good enough for you, Federal Trade Commission?


  1. Your polish has a bikini! :)))) That's a really nice shade, I love the gold shimmer :D

  2. I love the color, but I've always hated these bottles, lol.

  3. The whole concept of this polish has me dying in laughter.. and then that pigment settling place.. really?!
    Laughter aside, it really is a lovely polish! I'm shocked it's from Nubar!!


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