Friday, April 24, 2015

Forget Me Not Friday - SQUAREHUE: Ala Moana & L'OREAL: The Sparklicious

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SquareHue (L) Ala Moana and L'Oreal The Sparklicious (R)

First and foremost: HAPPY (forget me not) FRIDAY! Second, Thanks Blogger for deleting this post when I was about to post it haha *sigh* Today I have 2 polishes up for review out of my box of untrieds. A Magic Top Coat From L'oreal and a blue polish from SquareHue. Check 'em out below!

SquareHue Ala Moana
SquareHue Ala Moana
SquareHue Ala Moana

Ala Moana is a dusty medium blue creme with some pearly white shimmer. This is a nice polish in the bottle, but I don't feel like this blue was perfect for my skin color. It brought out a lot of red in my skin in real life. It might be better with stamping over it though :P

I did 4, FOUR, coats of Ala Moana. This polish seemed opaque but the formula was SO thin. Luckily, it was easy to build up and had a quick dry time so it wasn't a disaster haha.

L'Oreal The Sparklicious Magic Top Coat over SquareHue Ala Moana
L'Oreal The Sparklicious Magic Top Coat over SquareHue Ala Moana
L'Oreal The Sparklicious Magic Top Coat over SquareHue Ala Moana

Topping Ala Moana is The Sparklicious from L'Oreal's The Magic Top Coats line. I remember grabbing this in the Fall of 2013 during my move LOL. It's traveled with me quite a bit :P The Sparklicious is a top coat with black and silver glitter and holographic silver bars. Simple glitter mix but fun. ALSO - the bars were flat on the nail *phew*

I did 2 coats-ish of The Sparklicious. The first coat was NOTHING but base... this polish could use a little bit more glitter in it to be honest. The 2nd coat was after twirling the crap out of the brush in the bottle. *sigh* I wanted a glitter top coat, not a clear top coat, L'Oreal. At least the dry time was great.

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Sorry these polishes are probably unattainable, besides blog sales and the eBay, but I hope you enjoyed taking a look at these brands! I feel like this week was a miss... but then again not ever untried is perfect. 

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I won/bought this myself. Is that good enough for you, Federal Trade Commission?

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