Friday, June 12, 2015

Forget Me Not Friday: HARE POLISH - Archipelago 2.0

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Hare Polish Archipelago 2.0

Congrats, you made it to FRIDAY! And I made it to Forget Me Not Friday, yay me! I don't purchase much indie polish anymore (I gotta get the storage sitch figured out haha) but I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for some Hare Polish. This I'm reviewing today is Archipelago 2.0. When I discovered Hare Polish before their "comeback", Archipelago was the ONE polish I knew I had to have so I was STOKED when 2.0 was made. Check it out below!

Hare Polish Archipelago 2.0
Hare Polish Archipelago 2.0
Hare Polish Archipelago 2.0

(For reference, here's a Polishaholic swatch of the original Archipelago). As you can see Archipelago has a more complicated look to it than the original, love it just the same. 2.0 is a "blue/teal jelly with copper hexes and squares, plus copper shimmer!" What's not to love about that freakin' color contrast? It's AWESOME. The newly added shimmer and squares give 2.0 a little more depth, which is what we're used to with Hare Polish.

I did 3 coats of Archipelago 2.0. Application of the jelly was nice, easy to apply. This polish was easy to build up to opacity. Longer nails will need more coats to kill VNL, of course. One thing I love about Hare Polish jellies: They don't take 10 years to dry.

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Price: Full Sized $10
Where to Find: Etsy, Llarowe, Shop Eclecticco, Femme Fatale, Rainbow Connection, Little Vixen Shop

At the moment, Archipelago 2.0 is sold out in her Etsy shop (haven't checked other etailers, I'm lazy LOL), but stay tuned to her Facebook if you're wanting this polish!

What do you think? Were you excited about this reboot? Or did you like the original better?

Have a great weekend!
I bought this myself. Is that good enough for you, Federal Trade Commission?


  1. Hi, your nails are fabulous, but the polish is Archipelago :)

    1. I'll have go fix it now - THANKS. I copied/pasted it from somewhere, guess they spelled it wrong too lol


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