Thursday, June 11, 2015

SQUAREHUE: The Decades Collection - 1950 [June 2015: Palm Springs, Bel Air, & Sock Hop]

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Square Hue June 2015 (L->R) Palm Springs, Bel Air, and Sock Hop

Remember that time I won a Square Hue contest and I was like "I'm going to review my monthly box each month" and only did it once? LOL Well... I do. This box showed up in my mailbox last week so I wanted to share it with you. This is the June/1950s Collection. Check it out after the jump!

SquareHue Palm Springs
SquareHue Palm Springs

Palm Springs is a bright, lime, yellow-green creme. It's a great color for summer, very fun. This looks nicer on me in real life than in photos, or maybe I'm delusional :P I did 4 coats of Palm Springs. It was a little on the thinner side but did build up nice and opaque easily. No issues with dry time.

SquareHue Bel Air
SquareHue Bel Air

Bel Air is a light, airy, soft blue creme. Never enough light blue creme polishes, am I right? This one is my favorite in this month's trio. I did 3 coats of Bel Air. Application was great and this polish didn't give me any issues. Dry time was also good.

SquareHue Sock Hop
SquareHue Sock Hop

Last but not least is Sock Hop, lightish-medium pink creme. Not too wow-ed by this one lol I'm just over pink creme polishes ya'll, is it Fall yet? I think this would look awesome on my toes though LOL. I did 3 coats of Sock Hop. The formula was much like Bel Air's formula. It was easy to build up, smooth application, and had a great dry time.

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Price: $14.99/mo + $5 shipping
Where to Find: Website
Are ya'll interested in seeing the previous collections I forgot to swatch? I'll try to remember to swatch them when I get them LOL.

SquareHue is a wonderful company with great customer service. They are not just a monthly polish subscription service. "SquareHue was intentionally created with the purpose of funding organizations that are changing the world. Currently a portion of all monthly subscription proceeds are donated for prevention awareness, protection of trafficked victims and prosecution of human traffickers, through The A21 Campaign."

Although I did win a wonderful prize from them, I've been a customer since 2013 and I love everything they stand for. They are not asking me to talk about this or promote them or their link, it's because *I* want to promote it for them. They are in the running to receive the Mission Main Street grant from Chase Bank. I voted for them, if you would like to: click here.

Have a good one!
I won/bought this myself. Is that good enough for you, Federal Trade Commission?

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