Friday, June 26, 2015

Forget Me Not Friday - JULEP: Carolyn & FORMULA X: Crash

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Julep Carolyn (left) and Formula X Crash (right)

HAPPY FRIDAY! This week's Forget Me Not Friday features 2 different polishes because I was grabbing polishes out of the bin and I was like, "oooh, these would look nice together!" So here they are! I think I've had the Formula X polish for a year, so it's been a long time coming. Check these 2 polishes out after the jump!

Julep Carolyn
Julep Carolyn

Carolyn was part of Julep's May Boho Glam box. They describe it as a "melon fuchsia creme". I have no idea what that freakin' description means, and neither does Google. This is a bright (brighter IRL) CORAL creme polish haha. It's a beautiful shade of coral, great for summer!

I did 3 coats of Carolyn. If I had shorter nails, I could of got away with 2 coats. The application was awesome, smooth and easy to apply. Dry time was great. This formula was pretty impressive for a Julep brand polish #jussayin

Formula X Crash over Julep Carolyn
Formula X Crash over Julep Carolyn
Formula X Crash over Julep Carolyn

Crash is a light turquoise blue matte glitter topper with hex of various sizes. Super simple, but super fun, and much appreciated in my collection. I could honestly own all the Formula X matte glitters if I had the room/money for them :P I picked this up at Marshalls/TJMaxx but they still have it for $4 on the Sephora website.

I did 2 coats of Crash over Juelp Carolyn, from above. The glitter coverage was great per coat. I didn't have to fish for any of the larger hex, but I did swirl the brush around before application (to avoid fishing lmfao). It had a nice dry time and wasn't base-y at all :]

POLISH INFORMATIONBrand: Sephora Formula X
WebsiteFacebook | InstagramYouTube | Pinterest Tumblr | G+
$4 - $12.50 (depending on finish/clearance/vendor)
Where to Find: Sephora, Marshall's, TJMaxx
Website | Facebook | Twitter  | Instagram | YouTube
$14 / $11.20 for Mavens 
Where to Find: Website, Sephora, Nordstrom, QVC

Have a great weekend!
I bought this myself. Is that good enough for you, Federal Trade Commission?


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