Thursday, June 25, 2015

SINFUL COLORS: Sky Tree & Baila Baila

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Sinful Colors Sky Tree (left) and Baila Baila (right)

Hi guys! Last week, I swatched 2 new Sinful Colors polishes for ya. That day, I went back and grabbed 2 more colors from their summer collection since I needed them and there was a sale going on :P That's how I'm justifying driving to 3 Walgreen's. This time I have Sky Tree and Baila Baila. Check 'em out after the jump!

Sinful Colors Sky Tree
Sinful Colors Sky Tree
Sinful Colors Sky Tree

Sky Tree is from the Street Fusion Summer 2015 Collection. It is a gorgeous medium green teal with the same glassfleck shimmer as Maroon Fine did, but with a bright blue and purple flash. Glad I made my way to my old local Wags to find this one! A typical Lacey color but a gorgeous color :]

I did 2 coats of Sky Tree. Great application and formula, nothing to complain about. Was kind of shocked that within the 10 minutes I was wearing it I didn't get any staining. If you use Sinful Colors often, you know how they are with greens and blues. I have hope this won't stain long term, but not holding my breath haha. Dry time was great, by the way.

Sinful Colors Baila Baila over Sky Tree
Sinful Colors Baila Baila over Sky Tree
Sinful Colors Baila Baila over Sky Tree

I picked Baila Baila up on a whim, I saw the matte glitters from the Pinata Blast line (Summer 2015 Street Fusion Latin Heat Collection) and I couldn't decide which one I wanted... this one won the eenie-meenie-miney-mo competition. Baila Baila is a matte glitter topper mixed with light green, white, royal blue, and light orange glitter. It's a fun mix of colors that could match many different undies.

I did 2 coats of Baila Baila over Sky Tree, above. I didn't have any issues with application. Glitter coverage per coat was great and I didn't have to fish for any glitter. And unlike the glitter topper from last week, this one wasn't base-y at all so the dry time was great.

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$1.99 MSRP
Where to Find: Walgreens, Rite Aid, Walmart, Target, Big Lots
What do you think of these polishes? LOVING Sky Tree, so happy I went back to grab it :] If you're looking for any of the latest Sinful Colors collections, your best bet is stopping by Walgreen's. I wasn't impressed by a lot of the colors this Summer, but some of them are great!

ALSO, side note: I mentioned this on Facebook, not sure if I'm late to the game or to Walgreen's, but I noticed Green Ocean is now in the permanent display (name tag and all) at Walgreen's. So if you've struggled getting it in the past, hopefully now it won't be so hard :]

Have a good one
I bought this myself. Is that good enough for you, Federal Trade Commission?


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