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BUTTER LONDON: ShadowClutch - Natural Charm & Wardrobe Duos - Moody Blues & Fancy Flutter

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Butter London ShadowClutch and Wardrobe Duos

Over the past few months, Butter London has sent me newly released makeup products to share with y'all! Today I have the ShadowClutch palette to share with you. Good news is, it's pretty cool. Bad news is, Lacey knows NOTHING about applying makeup. I'm a failure when it comes to learning to apply makeup, I don't know why haha.

Check out swatches and details of the ShadowClutch from Butter London after the jump!

Butter London ShadowClutch and Wardrobe Duos

The ShadowClutch is a customizable palette featuring: primer infused, true colour payoff, skin balancing, all-day wear, blendable/buildable, crease free, oil absorbing eye shadows. I was sent the Natural Charm ShadowClutch along with Wardrobe Duos in Moody Blues and Fancy Flutter. The palette also comes in another color combo called Pretty Proper. Both palettes are neutral shades great for every day (I think... people say things like that about these colors so I'm going to regurgitate this phrase LOL!)

If you're looking for more fun and colorful eye shadows, the Wardrobe Duos are easy to add to your ShadowClutch.

Butter London ShadowClutch in Natural Charm
(Top L->R Linen, Quartz, Camo
Bottom L->R Camel, Citrine, Leather)
Butter London ShadowClutch in Natural Charm

The Natural Charm ShadowClutch has some nice neutral shades in matte and metallic finishes: "earth tone shades of vanilla, beige, and khaki". Linen is a matte vanilla. Quartz is a warm beige-gold sheen. Camo is a dark greenish khaki sheen. Camel is a matte nude. Citrine is a light coral sheen. Leather is dark matte chocolate brown.

All I know about these colors is that the lightest matte one is supposed to go all over my lid and up to my brow bone... I think, something like that... Regurgitating again.... from there my eye looks just turn into me looking like a hooker haha... it's sad. *sigh*

It's super easy to change out and move the eye shadows to your liking. There is a frame that lifts off of the sides and front. From there, the eye shadows slide out to the right. You can rearrange the original palettes or add Wardrobe Duo shadows!

(The Pretty Proper ShadowClutch - not pictured/reviewed - contains "shades of soft pink, deep espresso and cool charcoal")

Butter London ShadowClutch Wardrobe Duos
Top: Moody Blues (Top: Sapphire, Bottom: Sequins)
Bottom: Fancy Flutter (Top: Feather, Bottom: Plume)

Moody Blues Duo is described as "butter LONDON's crown jewel, this duo will put a twinkle in your eye". The shadows in this set are: Sapphire - a deep, navy sheen and Sequins - a super soft minty green sheen.

Fancy Flutter Duo is described as "mysteriously beautiful, this duo will have you fluttering over its chameleon like ways". The shadows in this set are: Feather - a neutral beige sheen, and Plume - a chameleon sheen of burgundy and blue.

Butter London Shadow Clutch Natural Charm
(L->R: Leather, Camo, Citrine, Quartz, Camel, and Linen)
Butter London Wardrobe Duos in Moody Blues and Fancy Flutter
(L->R: Sequins, Sapphire,  Feather, and Plume)

Above are the swatches of the shadows you can put in your ShadowClutch! They all were soft and buttery (do people care about that with eye shadows?) and were quite pigmented, as you can see. I'm super intrigued with Plume from the Duos, I want it on my nails... I probably have a polish to match, too LOL! Hope these swatches help you figure out which ShadowClutch or Wardrobe Duo to buy :]

Sorry I can't comment on wear or usage... One day I'll figure this whole eye shadow thing out. I tried to use Plume in an eye shadow look and I looked like someone punched me in the eye D:

EDIT:// I did wear Quartz from 7am - 5pm and by the end of the day it looked just as great as it did when I first put it on! No creasing and stayed on my lids all day :]

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Price Shadow Clutch - Natural Charm, Pretty Proper: $39.99
Price Wardrobe Duos - Up All Night, Moody Blues, Sassy Pants, Fancy Flutter: $15.00
Where to Find: Website, Product Finder

What color is your favorite? What do you think about this palette and the changeable eye shadows? I think it would be a great item for traveling.

Happy HUMP Day!

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  1. Wow Lacey, ALL these shades are gorgeous and I love the idea of interchangeable palettes.



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