Thursday, October 1, 2015

BORN PRETTY STORE: Peacock Water Decals, Blooming Flower Water Decals, & Holographic Nail Foil

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Born Pretty Store Nail Art Items

I'm back with a few nail art items from Born Pretty Store this week! In this review, I have 2 sets of water slide nail wraps and a holographic nail foil roll. Check out how I used these items after the jump!

Born Pretty Store Peacock Water Decals in C196 $0.99

These are the peacock water slide decals in style C196. As you can see, this style features peacock feathers, there are other peacock styles available in the listing through. I paired these decals with Zoya Giovanna topped with Pure Ice Heartbreaker. I also layered the decals over Giovanna.

The picture quality of these decals = AWESOME, very realistic! These aren't my favorite water slide decals to work with though. They were kind of plastic-y and hard to place and keep in place. Butttt I did it LOL! A cleanup brush and acetone were probably the biggest help in keeping the decal in place to trim/clean up.

(If you're looking for a detailed instructional on applying water slide decals - see my post here!)

Born Pretty Store Blooming Flower Water Decals $2.99

Next up are the Blooming Flower water slide decals. These decals are SUPER pretty! I love the colors in these decals and the patterns are gorgeous. This set came with 2 different styles that can be easily mixed and matched seamlessly. These were super easy to work with (what I'm used to with water slide decals) in comparison to the peacock ones above!

These decals are on a clear film. I layered them over a white creme to allow the design to pop. I gave layering over a colored polish a shot (SquareHue Tune In) as an accent nail... as you can see, not a great option for these decals if you're wanting the color to be more obvious. A nice option if you're looking for something a little more subtle though.

Born Pretty Store Holographic Nail Foil #02 $2.06
Born Pretty Store Holographic Nail Foil #02 $2.06
Born Pretty Store Holographic Nail Foil #02 $2.06

Last but not least, this is a roll of Holographic Nail Foil in #02, a mix of starburst designs. These are applied over nail polish while it is in the "tacky" point of the drying process. I layered these nail foils over Barielle Moda Bleu.

This was really cool looking on the roll, I was stoked! However, it was a pain in the butt. I tried multiple times to get a "full" design on a nail. (To be honest, I was hoping they wouldn't send me this design LOL!) What I ended up doing was applying as much of the full design as possible, followed by randomly placing the foil in the empty spots. It looked cool... until I top coated it and it became kind of a cloudy mess. The holographic effect was preeeetttttyyy much gone :[ I tried multiple times to get it right, lots of annoyed grunting. Pro tip: Seche Vite probably kills the holo.

Want 10% off your order AND free shipping? Head over the Born Pretty Store's website and use code: LACJ61 at checkout. They offer a TON nail art items at discount prices. It's a fun website to browse through, so many manicure possibilities!

Have a great day!
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  1. Sorry to hear about your foil experiment. Sadly any fast drying topcoat will kill the foils. It kinda suxs.

    Great review!


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