Wednesday, October 21, 2015

WET N WILD: Megalast Fall 2015 Limited Edition Here's to the Wild Ones Collection PART I [Stop and Mel-the-Roses, I Moss Have It, Gettin' Inked]

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Wet n Wild Megalast Here's to the Wild Ones
(L->R) Stop and Mel-the-Roses, I Moss Have It, Gettin' Inked

Hey there! Today, I have swatches of half of the latest Megalast limited edition collection, Here's to the Wild Ones. I picked up this Fall collection at the beginning of September, and I've been itching to swatch them. Check out the first half of this collection after the jump!

Wet n Wild Megalast Stop and Mel-the-Roses
Wet n Wild Megalast Stop and Mel-the-Roses

Stop and Mel-the-Roses is a cranberry red with some pretty shimmer to it. Nothing super special about this color to me, but a great color for the fall and winter seasons. I feel like this would look very nice on almost anyone's skin tone.

I did 2 coats of Stop and Mel-the-Roses, no top coat. (After looking at my pictures, I feel like I could of went for a 3rd coat) Application was smooth and easy to work with, minus my semi-wonky and frayed brush lol. No dry time issues!

Wet n Wild Megalast I Moss Have It
Wet n Wild Megalast I Moss Have It

Next up is I Moss Have It, no top coat. This is the most interesting polish in the collection to me. It is a mossy green polish with a ton of shimmer and pretty iridescent (green-to-orange shifting) microflakies. Wet n Wild did a good job on this polish!

I did 3 coats of I Moss Have It. I thought this was quite sheer after 1 coat, but it was easy to build up to opacity in 3 coats. Application was great. Dry time was awesome which made 3 coats easy to manage.

Wet n Wild Megalast Gettin' Inked
Wet n Wild Megalast Gettin' Inked

Last polish in this half is Gettin' Inked, a deeeeeep, near black purple creme with VERY subtle purple and gold shimmer. This one kind of bummed me out, the shimmer is more apparent in the bottle. In real life the shimmer won't be seen unless someone is inspecting your nails. :[ I kind of wish this purple was a bit lighter, on me it just looks like a black creme...

I did 2 coats of Gettin' Inked, no top coat. It had a nice smooth and opaque formula. It was easy to work with and didn't have any dry time issues.

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Price: $2.99 (At Walgreens)
Where to Find: Product Locator (I've only personally seen LEs at Walgreen so far)
So there's part one! I'll have part two on Friday :D Which of these 3 were your fave? I'm going to have to go with I Moss Have It!

Wet n Wild Megalast polishes are some of my favorite drugstore polishes - affordable and great formulas. I was super happy to see this Fall collection. Fall 2014's matte finish collection (post I and II) was a nice change of pace, I am happy to see the "normal" shiny finish returned for this fall. :P

Although this collection was first spotted at the beginning of August, there is still hope you can find them at Walgreen's. I saw a few floating around my local Walgreen's last week but I'd give them a call before heading out though :]

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I bought this myself. Is that good enough for you, Federal Trade Commission?


  1. These are gorgeous, I really like the look of 'I Moss Have It' - very unique and pretty! Also thank you for sharing my giveaway :) xx

    1. So very welcome! :D

      Aren't they lovely? Glad you like them!

  2. Love!!! I just picked up I Moss Have It and Pop Up Bluetique yesterday! Can't wait to wear them!


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