Friday, October 16, 2015

SQUAREHUE: The Decades Collection - 1990 [October: Vogue, Desert Storm, Y2K]

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SquareHue October - The Decades Collection 1990
(L->R) SquareHue Y2K 1999, Vogue 1990, Desert Storm 1991

HAPPY FRIDAYYYYYY! Today, I have the October box from from SquareHue. This month's box is inspired by the 90's! Check out this trio of polish 90's inspired fall shades after the jump!

SquareHue Vogue 1990
SquareHue Vogue 1990
SquareHue Vogue 1990

First up is Vogue 1990. This is a deep, dark red with subtle coppery shimmer. After swatching, I didn't want to take this off my nails... so it went right back on after swatching the other 2 LOL. It's such a gorgeous color. AWESOME for fall!

I did 2 coats of Vogue. It had a smooth application and was very easy to work with. It dried very quickly. I didn't have any issues. This polish is perfection, y'all.

SquareHue Desert Storm 1991
SquareHue Desert Storm 1991

Next up is Desert Storm 1991 is a sandy nude creme nail color. Not my favorite shade on me, really highlights my lobster hands in real life haha. I don't have anything great to say about this color, sorry haha.

I did 3 coats of Desert Storm.  Although the color wasn't my jam, the formula was really nice. I probably could have done 2 coats if my nails were shorter, but 3 coats were needed for my visible nail line. It dried really quickly and made 3 coats a breeze to work with.

SquareHue Y2K 1999
SquareHue Y2K 1999
SquareHue Y2K 1999

Last but not least is Y2K 1999. This is a futuristic, shimmery dark grey. Is it just me, or is this type of grey polish SUPER popular every freakin' October. It's a nice color, I'm just tired of seeing this color every fall. :-\

I did 2 coats of Y2K. Again, application was a breeze and was easy to work with. Dry time was awesome. On the bright side, I can't report any problems when it comes to any of these polishes. :]

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Not really feeling this collection... I'm kind of bummed out that the 90s Collection wasn't in the Spring/Summer months. However, Vogue is a GORGEOUS color and I can't get enough of it.
Sorry I skipped September! I was wicked busy and to be 100% honest, I hated most of those colors too LOL! If you'd like to check out other SquareHue reviews I've done - click here. Can't wait to see what the next 2 months have in store! (Again - thanks SquareHue for this awesome prize <3)

Have a great weekend!

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