Friday, October 24, 2014

BLOGOWEEN DAY #7: The Graveyard

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I hope you really enjoy day #7's mani! I'm super proud of it. I PAINTED A HAND AND IT LOOKS LIKE A HAND GUYS! Don't forget to check the other manis I've done for this Blogoween series - here :]

Graveyard nail art
Graveyard nail art
Graveyard nail art
Graveyard nail art - Bary D. Alyve
Graveyard nail art - U.R. Next, Al B. Back
Graveyard nail art - C. U. Soon, Tom T. Go

So what do you think? Are you as proud of me as I am of myself? LOL jk - don't answer that... I know you are ;] Anyways... I saw a kitchen towel at Marshall's yesterday with gravestones and these cute, yet distributing, "names" on them. I decided to run with how much I liked them and slap it (nicely) onto my nails :]

For the grave stones I used China Glaze Recycle. The sky is Kawako. I used my Amuse nail art pen to do the letters. I think the moral of this mani is that you SHOULD NOT hire me to engrave your gravestone. Unless you like toddler handwriting - hit me up. I can't recall the other polishes, but they were 100% Zoya. I did mix 2 Zoya colors to make the zombie hand though :D

So there ya have it! My spooky graveyard scene. I kinda don't want to take this off. NO SWATCHES NEXT WEEK Y'ALL! Just kidding... Kinda... Don't forget to check out the past couple looks I've done for Blogoween - here.


Thursday, October 23, 2014

YOU POLISH: November Sub Box [Model City Polish Fallen Leaves, You Polish Sweet November, & Chirality Burnish]

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You Polish November Box (L->R) Model City Polish Fallen Leaves,
You Polish Sweet November, and Chirality Burnish

Hey, ya'll! Today I have swatches and review of You Polish's November Sub Box. This month's box features polishes from You Polish along with Model City Polish and Chirality. You also get some adorable monogram decals to add to your fancy sparkly fingers! Check out this trio after the jump :D

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

MRS. P'S NAIL POTIONS: I Guaranteal It, Hella Holo, Pretty As a Peacock, & Pint Sized Peanut

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Mrs. P's Nail Potions (L->R) I Guaranteal It, Hella Holo,
Pretty As a Peacock, and Pint Sized Peanut

Sorry this is a little late, I was hunting down the 3 layer Bath and Body Works candle LOL. I have a problem... but that's besides the point! Today I have more swatches of Mrs. P's Nail Potions! Some glitter, some shimmahhh, and a thermal! Check 'em out after the jump :]

Monday, October 20, 2014

BLOGOWEEN DAY #6: Random Halloween Designs

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Here's Day 6 of Blogoween! I did something a little simpler this time since the last 3 were a little bit more time consuming :P Don't forget to check the other manis I've done for this Blogoween series - here :]

Halloween Designs nail art
Halloween Designs nail art
Halloween Designs nail art
Halloween Designs nail art

I did a few various designs, they're simple but fun! These can be executed using a detailing brush and a dotting tool :] I used Sinful Colors Citrine as the base (one of my favorite oranges) and Black on Black for the designs.  For some reason the black bled under the orange on my thumb nail. NO idea why that happened since that didn't happen to the other nails, I tried to cover it up but it wasn't happening - WHATEVER! You get the point.

Don't forget to check out the past couple looks I've done for Blogoween - here. Hope you enjoyed this design, I thought it was fun :] I think it would look cool over various Halloweenie colors or a gradient!


10/20 Manic-ure Giveaways Monday

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About MGM: These are the nail related giveaways I've collected over the past week from just about everywhere on the Internet! I strive to post new giveaways, ones I haven't posted before, in each Monday post. Also, Don't forget to check the Master List or back links I provide at the end of each post!

To make sure your giveaway is on next week's giveaway list, be sure to to
email me before next Monday morning:

Good luck!

PRESS RELEASE: Zoya Winter/Holiday 2014 Wishes Collection

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Wishes really do come true with this magical new nail polish collection for Winter/Holiday 2014!

Zoya Wishes** is a densely pigmented assortment featuring both traditional and Magical PixieDust formulas in coordinating color combinations that can be worn alone or combined into stunning combinations, no matter how you wear them, this collection delivers a fanciful way to celebrate the season!

  • NORI: Sapphire blue Magical PixieDust* with holographic hex glitter, perfect for any holiday festivity. 
  • THEA: Deep amethyst Magical PixieDust* with an orchid flash, packed full of party-ready holographic hex glitter. 
  • IMOGEN: Black crystal Magical PixieDust* with holographic hex glitter, just add an LBD and you’re off!
  • PRIM: Velvet blue metallic, with a full coverage, high-density pigment and buttery smooth application.
  • HAVEN: True holiday plum liquid metal with a thin vein of orchid for added brilliance.
  • WILLA: Full-coverage, onyx black cream.

* Zoya Magical PixieDust is textured, matte and sparkling. No base coat and top coat required.


Available in top salons, spas and on
$9 (US) Standard Colors $10 (US)  - PixieDust Colors

Sunday, October 19, 2014

10/13 - 10/17 In Case You Missed It! Weekly Recap

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MONDAY: Getcho giveaway entry on! Manic-ure Giveaways Monday!
MONDAY: Day #4 of Blogoween: Cute and quirky blood body parts :P

TUESDAY: Part I of Color Club's Seven Deadly Sins Collection.

WEDNESDAY: More lightly textured polishes from Color Club, Part II!

THURSDAY: Swatches of a thermal polish from Mrs. P's Nail Potions.

FRIDAY: Day #5 of Blogoween, a sugar skull collab with Hannah Lebron!

Friday, October 17, 2014

BLOGOWEEN DAY #5: Sugar Skulls

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Sugar Skull Makeup: Hannah Lebron, Nails: Lace & Lacquers

I'm SUPER excited to share this Friday's Blogoween post :D I collab'd with my friend, Hannah Lebron who is a makeup artist in the San Diego area! In addition to this mani I'm going to show you, check the other manis I've done for this Blogoween - here.

ALSO! Congrats to Alicia R. - You WON my Halloween Giveaway! Be sure to check your email today.

Putting this mani behind a jump, it's a little long to not have one ;] But worth the jump! I promise ;]

Thursday, October 16, 2014


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Mrs. P's Nail Potions Pea-cocky

Hi guys! Today I have a semi new-to-me brand, Mrs. P's Nail Potions. I've heard of this brand for awhile, but I finally got my paws on it to give it a try :] Check out this fun thermal polish freshly mixed from Canada after the jump!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

COLOR CLUB: Fall 2014 Seven Deadly Sins Collection Part II [Fierce, Obsessed, & You're So Vain]

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Color Club (L->R) Fierce, Obsessed, and You're So Vain

So, sorry this is a little late! Today I have the 2nd half of the Color Club Seven Deadly Sins Collection for Fall 2014. These are a set of 7 polishes that are a lightly textured finished. If you missed Part I, from yesterday, check here! Sooo let's go to part 2, jump on over! (I also have a comparison to Color Club's new version of The Uptown - why? You'll see!)