Friday, June 1, 2012

ESSIE Barefoot in Blue & As Gold As It Gets

Pin It I have a few Essies, maybe a handful? They were in my bag o' polish I brought with me to Tejas because there were a few I haven't tried. Barefoot in Blue happened to be one of them!

LEFT: Essie Barefoot in Blue RIGHT: Essie As Gold As It Gets

Combo after the jump!

I got Barefoot in Blue in a Giveaway Toms and Essie had Feb/March-ish. I filled out the form on Tom's Facebook page and kind of forgot about it haha. It was a nice surprise to find this in the mail one day!

Here is 2 coats of Barefoot in Blue:

2 Coats of Essie Barefoot in Blue

 Barefoot IB is a pretty cornflower-periwinkle-ish blue creme, I ROCK DESCRIPTIONS! I'm a sucker for Essie's blues and greens and this one is a pretty polish I'm happy to have! It went on pretty smoothly in 2 coats and dried in an acceptable amount of time. I compared this to Coat Azure and Smooth Sailing and they didn't look similar side by side in the bottles.

As pretty as this is on it's own, I added 2 coats of As Gold As It Gets (SUPER pretty small gold flakies, aka my favorite Luxeffects) to the tips a little jaggedly. I'm liking how this came out :]

Essie Barefoot in Blue with Essie As Gold As It Gets

Essie Barefoot in Blue with Essie As Gold As It Gets

Essie Barefoot in Blue with Essie As Gold As It Gets

Were any of you lucky enough to get a bottle of Barefoot in Blue?? I'm not sure where you can find this, probably Blog Sales if you're lucky! Or, even Make Up Alley? I don't go on there haha. Here is a link to an eBay search, there's 4 listed on there if you're interested!

Hope you enjoyed this! :D I have another guest post for you tomorrow! Keep an eye out, I probably won't get to announce it on Facebook, we'll be driving back to SC all day >.< Have a rockin' weekend!

Until... Monday,


  1. I never even thought about pairing the two! Very pretty :)

    1. I didn't either! When you bring like 15 polishes on vacation with you, it makes you think of awesome combos! haha

  2. I got one of the Barefoot in Blue polishes, and like you, I had forgotten about it, so it was a surprise.

    The color combo is very pretty on you. I also love AGAIG!

  3. As Gold As It Gets just looks good on everything, doesn't it? Lovely mani!


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