Friday, March 23, 2012

SALLY HANSEN Diamond Strength Limited Edition Color & Jewel Overcoat Polishes

Pin It Told you guys you would be hearing from me today! However today's post isn't what I planned. I saw this display at Walgreen's yesterday. I didn't take a picture (dumb, Lacey, dumb) but today I HAD to go back and get one of the polishes. I LOVE IT!

Here's the display Walgreen's has up:

And here are a few close ups of the said polishes

L->R: Something Borrowed, Ring-a-Ding, Infinity Band.

L->R: Infinity Band, Multi-Faceted, Garter Toss.

L->R: Let's Dance, Duchesse Lace, White Veil

So, I picked up White Veil, it was the only one that really screamed OMGED I HAVE TO HAVE IT at me. Personally, I thought that this white, pearl glitter is a pretty cool thing for SH and drug store polishes! LOOK at this beauty:

So! White Veil is suspended in a clear base, it has small hex glitters that are a pearly white and some larger gold hex glitters through out. I just LOVE this. And I swatched it a bit for you guys:

1 coat of White Veil on each nail (NO top coat) over (T->B) SC Black on Black,
Milani Teddy-Bare, OPI La Paz-itively Hot and SH White Veil 1 coat alone.
It dried pretty fast, and as all glitters this will need a top coat, you can feel the gritty glitter without one. What do you think of these LE Diamond Strength shades? Any must haves?

Until next time!

PS: AHH! Nouveau Cheap got to this display before I did again! Haha, should of did it yesterdayyyy OH well! Here's her post if you want to see different pictures :]


  1. Garter Toss is really great! It's a nice, cool, minty summer color and goes on opaque in 2-3 coats, which is nice for such a pale color. I'm thoroughly enjoying it. Thanks!


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