Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New Zoya Promo! (And Polishes I can't wait to get!)

Pin It I'm a little late posting the new Zoya promo, sorry! I've been doing some spring cleaning around the house.

So, if you haven't heard, you have until MIDNIGHT (eastern), March 14th (tomorrow) to buy 3 Zoyas and get THREE for FREE! No, it doesn't include shipping, but how could you pass up a Zoya promo?!

(Image via Zoya's Blog)

So, head on over to their blog for more details :] What colors did you get?!

I had to get my 6 Zoya's OF course haha, I also picked up some polishes from some Etsy sellers: NerdLacquer, Dollish Polish and PrettyandPolished! I can't wait!!! I'm a big fan of hand mixed colors and just like small businesses, I'm all for supporting these shops! Here's the new babies I grabbed between Etsy and Zoya:

Any Etsy polishes you're lemming after? I can't wait to swatch these babies! My poor wallet! I'm polish grounded until April!!

Until next time,

PS: Has anyone seen the 2012 New Bohemian Collection?! I NEED THEM ALL NOW!!!

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