Thursday, March 22, 2012

REVLON: Royal and ESSIE: Shine of the Times

Pin It I've been swatching my haul for the past 2 hours and I couldn't decide which nail mail polish to use haha. So I went with the one I bought today.

Revlon Top Speed in Royal. Probably the most gorgeous jelly I own. And I was worried about it being fast drying because I usually stay away from those due to never having good luck with them. Nope! Dried fast, application was amazing. Opaque in 2 costs. I just love this!!

I was going through all my glitters and other top coat and layering options. Decided to give Essie Shine of the Times a go around. I felt like I had forgotten about it :( I feel like this is one of the BEST life decisions I've ever made, look at this amazingness!

2 coats Revlon Royal, 1 Coat Essie Shine of the Times


Until next time (probably tomorrow haha),

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