Monday, March 19, 2012

HARD CANDY: Beetle & Cheeky Plates

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I drove 20 minutes away to grab Hard Candy Beetle because the closer Walmart's suck at stocking polish :[ Hands down? Totally worth the drive!

LOOK at this beauty!

 Hard Candy: Beetle, 3 coats

I was actually able to get the duochrome flashes when taking the pictures. It flashes purple, green and gold. Even then, the pictures don't do any justice to how gorgeous this is! For $4?! I'll take it! Maybe even 2 haha. I went to Walmart's website and searched for "Hard Candy nail polish" and then looked for stores in my area, pretty handy so you don't have to drive everywhere for a polish!

I've heard around the interwebs that this is a pretty good dupe for Orly's Space Cadet. I usually am not a fan of darker colors on me so I didn't want to dish out money for a polish I was iffy about. Nope, need Orly's version, totally in love! I stamped a design on as an accent nail, review of the stamping plate below also :]

Hard Candy: Beetle with Cheeky Plate C Stamping

I also picked up and decided to try a Cheeky Plate, this is Cheeky Plate C. If you're unfamiliar with Cheeky's nail stamping plates, they're pretty large plates with 42 images. You can find them on amazon :]

 Cheeky Stamping Plate C

I like these plates because the designs are pretty unique, the stamps seem larger to me than Konad or bundle monster's stamps (which is good for me because I have pretty large nail beds haha). The quality was OUTSTANDING. I can't even tell you how much I LOVE the plate I chose! There wasn't a stamp that didn't pick up, or didn't come out super clear. The detail in these stamps is awesome!

Here is another manicure I did (forgive the cotton ball string that ruined one of my stamps boooo!) using a full nail design. LOVEEEE!

Revlon Colorstay: Rainforest with Cheeky Plate C Stamping

Hope you guys will give Cheeky a shot if you're into stamping! It seems these plates don't disappoint!!

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  1. Great pictures! I own Beetle but haven't worn it yet, and it's great to see what it looks like.


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