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TONY MOLY (Korean Polishes): Milky Way, Pinky Star & Shooting Star

Pin It I saw the Polish Well release swatches of these Tony Moly, Korean, polishes. I tried my DARNEDEST to decipher the site she linked to, yeah no luck there haha.

 Milky Way (GS08), Pinky Star (GS10) and Shooting Star (GS09)

Swatches after the jump!

I ended up going on eBay and desperately emailing a seller begging them to find them for me. Worked, SCORE! I told them people would be wanting these little babies around the blog and nail polish world. So they gave in and invoiced me for some :] I paid $18 (including shipping) for these. Since I was sold these, I guess the seller realized how awesome these are and listed them on their eBay store ;] You can find them here. If you're iffy about eBay or ordering overseas, I can say I had ZERO problems with this seller!

First up, I present to you, TM Milky Way (GS08):

2 Coats of Milky Way (GS08) and Revlon Whimsical over Sinful Colors Cinderella

(Excuse the strange streaks in my photo? Trying out new editing apps, WTF iPhone?!) I have no complaints about the formula of Milky Way. I can say it's pretty much IDENTICAL to Whimsical in every way, thus making it another dupe for Lippmann's Glitter in the Air. I say pretty much because there is a slight difference, it has all the same glitters as Whimsical (the large pink and blue hex, small pink hex and micro blue glitter) but there are some tiny iridescent ones added. Not a huge difference at all and actually isn't too noticeable. So if you have the Revlon or Lippmann version, you won't really need this one...

Second, I have is Pinky Star (GS10):

2 Coats of Pinky Star over Zoya Avril

This is my second favorite. It reminds me of strawberry shortcake. I'm a sucker for milky/sheer pinks, but sadly I always have issues with drying time, no matter what brand. Yeah it took a little while to dry, but WORTH IT in my book haha. The polish is a milky pink base with the same type of idea as Milky Way/Whimsical. It has larger gold, pink and red hex glitters, smaller silver and pink hex glitters and then iridescent micro glitter. TL;DR? I'm liking the combo, but not the formula.

Lastly, and my favorite out of the trio, Shooting Star (GS09):

 2 Coats of Shooting Star over Revlon Lilac Pastelle

LOVINGGG THISSS! It's like Candy Shop (Lippmann/Claire's) but in a more milky lavender base! So pretty, I just heart it so much. It went on just as well as Milky Way, not annoying like Pinky Star. It has large blue, gold, green, fuchia hex glitter, smaller green, red, silver, hex glitter, and then gold micro glitter through out. This one is missing the iridescent micro glitter the other has but really, who cares? I just love this and the look of it!

What do you think of these polishes? Thinking about ordering any? :]

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  1. I LOVE the shooting star and milky way. I will purchase these from ebay tomorrow. Thanks for the link! OMG so excited. I also love glitter in milky bases. Thank you so much!


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