Saturday, March 3, 2012

CHINA GLAZE: Hunger Games Capitol Colors Collection

Pin It I'm keeping this short and sweet! ONLY because there's a bunch of people reviewing these. But I couldn't buy these and NOT blog about them because I love the colors so much! I don't even know the first thing about Hunger Games haha, I haven't read the books yet and I'm not sure if I will BUT I couldn't pass these babies up!

I didn't buy all the colors, I am still going to buy one more (my Sally's was out), I only bought them because I had a $10 off $20 coupon which made them cheaper than online with my Sally's card :] (That coupon is expired but here is a $5 off $25 coupon that is valid until the end of this year)

ANYHOW! I picked up 5 colors:

Thumb to pinky: Electrify, Luxe and Lush (over a black), Harvest Moon, Riveting, and Fast Track

These colors don't look like anything I have in my 250+ collection, that's why I bought them. They all have 2 coats except for Electrify has 3.

Electrify: I love this glitter, perfect balance of gold and glitter not too much or too little of either. I thought of Christmas! haha
Luxe and Lush: This is so unique. I consider it a flakie polish, but when it's on the nail it looks like shards of glass! SO cool!
Harvest Moon: Very, very, very pretty copper color! It honestly reminds me of a penny :P
Riveting: This reminded me a lot of polishes from Zoya's Sunshine Collection, I really like that collection and this color. It's red jelly, but not too red it has a lot more orange in it.
Fast Track: Probably my favorite. I just love this taupe color with the gold glitter flecks through out! It's just SO pretty!

I'm loving all these colors I picked up :] I am going to buy Argo, the green shimmer but that was the one color missing from the store, how rude! (just kidding). You can purchase these from or, and of course (there may be more, these are just where I've personally seen them).

Hope this helps some of you who are interested in the colors! :]

Until next time,

(PS: Was this even short? lmao)

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  1. Thanks :) I just found the whole collection for a very cheap price :D


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