Thursday, December 27, 2012

HARE: Swanky Soiree

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Hare Swanky Soiree

I was a little sad that there was no Hare holiday collection set to release this year. THEN - BAM!- right when I had that thought... Hare posted that she was releasing 2 limited edition polishes for the holidays in a collection called Paint the Town Red. Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! I only grabbed one of the 2 since I decided to be nice and grab one for a friend ;]

I think it's no secret that Hare is one of my top polish brands. Hare has had an amazing year producing some amazing polishes, I can't see Nikole's creations for next year!

Swatches of Swanky Soiree after the jump!

Not your typical holiday colors, but that's why I like it! Nom nom nom!

Hare Polish Swanky Soiree
Hare Polish Swanky Soiree
Hare Polish Swanky Soiree

Hare Polish Swanky Soiree

Hare Polish Swanky Soiree

Hey - hold the phone. WE HAVE A GREY JELLY. Nikole's jellies are done so well, they make me weak at the knees. In this pretty grey jelly polish, there is a "mixture of red hexes and squares in several sizes, gunmetal squares and hexes + silver shimmer". While I have seen similar color combos, I honestly have never thought to buy a combo in this color for myself. I'm glad I held out for this one though, such a great mixture.

I did 3 coats with no undies, I could of got away with 2 but it was poor planning on my part haha. Perfect smooth formula I'm used to with great glitter coverage. No dipping and dabbing needed, as per usual. In addition to the great formula the dry time was amazing for a jelly polish. Overall just a great polish! It had a smooth finish but I added a coat of Seche Vite.

Hmmm now I need one in a blue version. Omgah can you imagine this with royal blue glitter, ohhhh ahhhhh haaha.

If you can get your little paws on this polish, I suggest you do before it's gone foreverrrrr. Swanky Soiree's partner, Holiday Hoopla is pretty too. I just didn't get the unique vibe like I do from other Hare polishes, so I skipped out. (Llarowe still has Holiday Hoopla for sale it looks like as of right now)

Website | Facebook | Etsy
Price: $10
Where to Find: Etsy, Llarowe
Click here for more Hare swatches by Lace &a Lacquers

See you tomorrow!


  1. Oh man, I WANT THIS. :I I have yet to be able to get ahold of ANY indie nail polishes, plus I looooove bunnies, und this bottle is so amazing.. :o Soooo lucky.<3 I looked at their stuff on their blog, omg, LOVE, but shop is empty, well for me it is. <'3


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