Friday, December 21, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Nail Art Challenge: Day 9 - Wreath

Pin It I'm currently waiting to leave the mall parking lot. I've already been waiting for 10 mins lmao. Stupid me decided to go, I didn't get husband a Xmas gift and I felt bad.

So with all this extra time I might as well type my blog post up!

Today is wreath day for the 12 Days of Christmas Nail Art Challenge!

I have to admit, I had a hard time with this one but decided to try another connecting manicure.

More pictures after the jump

I'm undecided with how it turned out haha I like the colors and the look of the wreath though! I added "holly berries", flat backed pearls I painted red, at the last minute. Now too sure I enjoy them BUT, I am happy how my now came out lmao

Here's what I used:

Oops! I forgot a polish, again haha!

Base: MAC Immortal Gold (not pictured)
Wreath: (Sponged on) Butter London British Racing Green and Dosh
Bow: Julep Catherine and China Glaze Ruby Pumps
"Holly berries": Pearl studs covered in Julep Catherine and China Glaze Ruby Pumps

Almost done!

Have a Friday great night!

PS: I spent a total of 45 mins waiting to get out of the mall parking lot lmao. FML


  1. I like your berries! And I like the whole thing. Reminds me of an evergreen swag. Very nice!

  2. I think the connected idea was great! Plus your holly berries are to cute!

  3. Cute wreath! I can't wait to see your elves next. :D

  4. cute!!! Love the colors that you have used and love the design. Great job on this mani.


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