Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Pin It Whenever I write something at the top of my posts I have an internal battle with myself wondering if I should mention the day of the week, or not, or mention how long until Friday lmao.

Today I have some glitter from The Glitter Source to share with you guys! If you frequent Etsy, like myself, you've probably seen this shop. The Glitter Source takes pride in being "your one-stop shop for the largest selection of nail art glitter, solvent resistant glitter, fine glitter powders and glitter shapes".

I know what you're thinking! "Uh, skipping this, I don't mix polishes". WELL, JOKES ON YOU because  I have 2 manicure tutorials to show you using loose glitter ;]  They were also SUPER kind and sent me a few bottles of suspension base to mess around with!

So, if you like glitter! THIS is the post for you. More stuffs after the jump!
When I opened the package and saw bottles of suspension base (AND a crapton of glitter), I nearly peed my pants! Possibly the most exciting nail mail ever! And hardcore props to all my Indies out there, this wasn't exactly the easiest thing I've ever done haha... I'll stick to swatching :|

So these are the two I mixed up for funzies:

The top is a mix of: white holo, black, purple holo, gold holo and matte turquoise diamonds.
The bottom is a mix of: white holo, black, turquoise holo, and red stars. (This was inspired by my wedding day!)

I had fun mixing these! I really need a lesson on glitter ratios though AND a funnel :| lmao.

ANYHOW! I'm not entirely informed about glitter and bases and how they all work together. So that's a little tough for me to review... but I can tell you that they did not bleed and, I had them sitting on my desk for about 2-3 weeks and I did not notice the glitter being super heavy to where it started sinking. Side note, I do know a few of my Indie friends use glitter from The Glitter Source and they enjoy mixing with them!

Now onto the fun part! Here are the two manicures I created with the loose glitter The Glitter Source sent me:

Glitter gradient manicure using loose glitter:
1) Paint your base color.
2) Dump some glitter on a piece of paper.
3) Paint your 2nd layer of polish on and cover the brush in glitter (the brush is dry).
4) Using your opposite hand, pull the bristles of the brush back flicking the glitter onto your nail with the wet polish.
5) Perfectly dispersed glitter for a gradient!
6) Cover your brush in glitter again.
7) Dab glitter on your tips.
8) BAM! Results!

Here's some more pictures! Not entirely sure why my red got so washed out >.< But you get the point!

And here's my second little loose glitter tutorial for you today:

Loose glitter triangle tips tutorial:
1) Paint on your base color and wait for it to dry.
2) Using some Scotch tape, stick it to the back of your hand to reduce the stickiness. This reduces the chance of the tape pulling up the polish once you remove it!
3) Form a triangle on your nail in a size you like.
4) Dump some glitter on some paper.
5) On the triangle you've created, top coat it.
6) Dip your nail into the glitter. I also recommend flattening it with your finger before it dries to make it more smooth.
7) REPEAT for all your nails! Try not to make them different sizes like I did lmao #fail. If you used a matte polish, like I did, carefully top coat only the glittered section. If not, top coat the entire nail :]

So there you have it! :] Told you there's more to solvent resistant glitter than mixing! I really enjoy the look of the loose glitter. It gives it a bit more dimension than a glitter polish. You know?

Hope this was a fun little something different for ya'll!

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Price: $4 - $12
Where to Find: Etsy

But seriously, is it Friday yet?
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  1. So cute!! I really like the 2 you mixed yourself!

  2. Ah! Great ideas for manis here! I ordered a haul from The Glitter Source a couple weeks ago, and shipping was INSANELY fast. I ordered from them on a Friday, and I received it Monday! I purchased mostly larger holo hex glitters for hand-placed nail art, and they are SO GORGEOUS. I would also highly recommend this shop! Great review!


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