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MAKEUP YOUR FACE: Blogger 1.0 Collection (Sea Glass & Red Dotted Vixen)

Pin It Ello my lovlies! Today I have something super special for you all!

Makeup Your Face asked me to come up with a custom polish a few months ago for a Blogger Collection. I was stumped for weeeekkkksssss! I sat in front of my polishes staring at the color combos and finishes. I even browsed the Internet many times for ideas, looking at pictures of flowers and beaches and crap lmfao!

I feel like every girl knows their dream polish. They know what finish, what glitter, the exact color, ECT. I'm not one of those girls. I don't really have a favorite color either... I just know I hate pink :P

Makeup Your Face Blogger 1.0 Collection

THIS is the Blogger 1.0 Collection by Makeup Your Face. Sea Glass was my creation and Red Dotted Vixen was the polish Elizabeth of Dotty's Attic thought of! I found it cool how different our polishes are! Def a great set to buy if you want a mix of polishes.

Swatches and more ramblings after the jump!
Here's a quick bottle shot of the duo:

Sea Glass (top) Red Dotted Vixen (bottom)

If you love glitter, you'll love these babies! :]

Here's Elizabeth's polish - Red Dotted Vixen:

Makeup Your Face Red Dotted Vixen over Julep Anne

Makeup Your Face Red Dotted Vixen over Julep Anne

Makeup Your Face Red Dotted Vixen over Julep Anne

Red Dotted Vixen "contains matte & metallic red hexagons in a variety of sizes with some fine holographic glitter added in". I really like the mix of matte and metallic! I don't have many Indie glitters with the two mixed together. And the holo shimmer adds just enough to make this polish a little more glitzy than a strictly red glitter.

I did ONE coat of RDV over Julep Anne, pretty good contrast of color if you ask me! RDV had great coverage, no need to dip and dab and a decent drying time. No complaints here! If you're looking for a red glitter, this one is great to have.

*DRUM ROLL* And noooooooooooow here's the polish I came up with :]

Lauren tested and mixed and came up with one of the most gorgeous things I've possibly ever laid my eyes on. Ladies and gentlemen, here is my dream polish. My little polish baby, well.... I guess Lauren and my baby lmfao, my little bottle of joy - I call it, Sea Glass!

Makeup Your Face Sea Glass (3 coats)

Makeup Your Face Sea Glass (3 coats)
Makeup Your Face Sea Glass (3 coats)
Makeup Your Face Sea Glass (3 coats)

Clearly, my idea was "go big or go home" LOL. Hey! When someone asks you to review a custom polish, why skimp out?! It was seriously one of the hardest decisions ever, for me. Of all things, I knew I HAD to have a color shifting shimmer of some sort. But... that was all I knew haha! Finally, I saw a swatch of a pink indie someone made combined with inspiration from Hare Polish - it hit me!

LOTS OF IRIDESCENCE! AND One of my favorite polish colors? Dark green, YEAH! A dark forest green! With a color shifting shimmer, hmmm blue or purple? I'm a sucker for square glitter, too. SQUARE IRIDESCENT GLITTER! (Well, that was after Lauren showed me the square iridescent glitters... which made me hit the floor, by the way)

:] PERRRFECTIONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! HellloooOoooOOooO! I did 3 thin coats of Sea Glass with top coat and no undies. I wanted to get the layered look but not screw it up while drying LOL. There was no dip and dab needed, great coverage, good dry time also!

So what do you think of my polish baby? It's amazing, you don't need to tell me ;]

You can buy the full sized duo for $15, here. Or $7.75 (full size) separately here: Sea Glass, Red Dotted Vixen.

POLISH INFORMATION Brand: Makeup Your Face
Website | Facebook | Blog
Price: $7.75+ full size and $4.25 minis
Where to Find: Etsy
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